Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Thank you, friends!

I wanted to take a sec to thank the people who have stopped, listened, subscribed and commented on the podcast. It means a lot to me to know that it's being pretty well received. It's a week since the launch and 23 people have subscribed to the flow. Obviously that's not a world-shaking number in the podcast world, but it's a better start than I suspected.

The second edition is in the can, and I should be uploading it early next week. (Truth be told, I've got four in the pipeline, but that's just so I have some lead-time to help avoid deadlines.) Next time around you'll get music from:

Dave Preston
Sense Project
Zero Ohms
Igneous Flame
Philippe Emanuel Gueble
Orbital Decay
Larry Kucharz
Jonathan Block

Just as a heads-up...I'm still getting the hang of turning out a quality recording, so my voice in this one is very slightly overmodulated. But the music sounds great. I'm also looking at reducing the bitrate to reduce the file size--but I'm conflicted because I certainly don't want to sacrifice the quality of this wonderful music.

Look for the update next week. You can now subscribe to the 'cast on iTunes so that you never miss and episode! (You know, as long as I do the feed correctly....)

peace & power,

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