Friday, September 18, 2009

Hypnagogue Podcast 9

From deepspace drifts to sacred sounds and back, a fresh 90 minutes of ambient & electronic music.

This time through, we begin calmly with long pads from John Broaddus, the sustain one gets from recording in a grain silo courtesy of Silo 10, tonal loneliness from M. Peck and the essence of heaven from Dolmen. Dark drifts from Broken Harbour melt into echoing, horizon’s-edge piano chords from Aloof Proof. A little something different, then—pipe organ music from Mark Thomas in a piece that evokes sensations of Philip Glass and builds to a majestic close. Mike Dickson conjures images of Oldfield in an uptempo, cinematic work to get your blood flowing, and then Stephen Philips returns us quietly to a state of thoughtful meditation.



George said...

Nice show (I've subscribed), and good to know that there are other Ambient podcasts out there, from fellow StillStream host George L Smyth (Sounds Of Ambience).

Hypnagogue said...

Thank you for the kind comment, George. I've been enjoying your work on stillstream as well!

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