Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hypnagogue--now on Facebook

For a couple of years now I've maintained a presence on myspace. But as far as social media sites go, myspace is starting to become something of a wasteland. For the most part I'm not much of a social media kind of guy. I had a personal FB account for a few months but after a while I got tired of endless status updates about who was enjoying a latte, who wasn't sleeping, and who just wanted to post attention-seeking cryptic statuses like "Joe is wondering what could possibly happen next."

However, I recognize the value of social media in getting the word out about the podcast and the review site. I like to think that the myspace page did its job as far as creating listeners and letting musicians know about the existence of the review site. So now I've just migrated myself over to FB. And although you may never find out what kind of beverage I'm drinking or catch me in a pensive, just-have-to-share mood via my statuses, I can guarantee that you'll hear about new music, upcoming podcasts and more.

So join me. Head over to FB and search "Hypnagogue Reviews." I'm there.

peace & power,

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