Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hypnagogue Podcast 11

Possibly the quietest Hypnagogue podcast yet....

No need to check the calendar. You're right, it hasn't been two weeks. But I've gotten a little ahead of myself in production now that I'm feeling more at home with Audacity, and--more importantly--earlier this week I hit 60 subscribers, my new high point.

So as a thank you, I thought I'd deliver #11 a week early. (Yes, you may have to wait two weeks for #12. We'll see...)

This episode started out with the intention of being a solid 90-minute mix of drifty ambient. I thought I'd try my hand at piecing together a nice flow. But about 25 minutes in, I lost confidence, backed out some of the crossfades and decided to do a regular podcast. But the mix as it was was so nice and mellow and low-key, I kept that feel going.

So kick back and enjoy. Our artists this time through are Justin Vanderberg, Matt Borghi, Numina, Arcticology, Steve Roach, Arrocata, dreamSTATE, Ben Cox, Slow Dancing Society, Rudy Adrian, Ganucheau and Story & Roedelius.

A heartfelt thank you to the growing number of subscribers for letting me know that the music is getting out there and you're digging my efforts.

peace & power,

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