Friday, October 16, 2009

Hypnagogue Podcast 12

An immersive excursion into ambient & electronic music.

Jason Sloan starts the show quietly with some elegant guitar drones before we are delivered into a very Pink Floyd-like sense of majesty at the capable hands of Giles Reaves & Dave Fulton. (Who’s doing that great Rick Wright impersonation?) We pause to pass into a stretch of all-new music, including an excerpt from Steve Roach’s superb latest offering, dark textures and somber narratives from Wolfskin, Collapsar and Joe Renzetti, and then an abrupt (and kind of amusing, to be honest) turn to an intriguingly jazzy slice of Runningonair and a dose of soothing New Age flavor from Jamie Craig. After that your host gets a bit lazy and turns the proceedings over to an uninterrupted flow courtesy of Jeffrey Koepper, Will Grega, Darshan Ambient and new music from Wes Willenbring.

By the by...I know this makes three podcasts in three weeks...but #13 is two weeks away as I resume my old schedule. And this goes up on Friday eve because my Saturday is booked!

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