Friday, October 30, 2009

Hypnagogue Podcast 13

Get comfy. 90 minutes of ambient & electronic music coming your way...

Begin this time on the uptempo side: dub influences from Ministry of Inside Things, rhythmic grooves from The Current, a sultry space cruise in first class from Alpha Wave Movement, a ballad from Dave Preston that should set your soul dancing, a touch of jazz courtesy of Geoffrey Armes. and indescribably tasty mashes of electro-funk and noise from cyberChump and Lopside. From there, Deepspace takes us out onto calm seas before handing the tiller over to Altus. Terra Ambient follows, stirring the spirits with tribal beats from his latest. Steven K Smith keeps our pulses up with driving, aggressive guitar noise. Resonant Drift guides us through a meaningful ritual and Mingo ushers us back into a quiet realm within his once and future world.

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