Sunday, October 18, 2009

One for Jim

The ambient & electronic music community is an unusual thing. We represent a small, very niche group of music fans and while we're spread across the globe, that niche aspect imbues us with a certain familiarity. We know names, and we feel that we know people. We're closer to the musicians than in many other genres of music. They are us, we are them, we're all in this together and we know nobody else gets it.

This morning the community lost Mr. Jim Brenholts, who recorded as Rigel Orionis. Jim was a supporter of the music for more than 20 years, and his presence on the various message boards and social media sites was known and welcome. Just yesterday he had shot over to me a friend suggestion, linking me with Alpha Wave Movement. It's less than 24 hours later, and Jim's passed on.

I didn't know the man outside of the community. Never met him in person. But we'd shared a few e-mail asides, he sent me a greeting when I got onto Facebook and Ning, told me it was great to see me there....and that was Jim, as I knew him. Glad to have you on board, we're all in this...

Now we're in it without Jim, and it's a genuine loss. I was on his site recently, looking to scoop up some music, and I saw that he had created a piece, in honor of a friend who had passed too soon, called "The Spectre Looms Suddenly." This morning--and I hope I am not crossing any lines here--I have downloaded it and put it, in its entirety into this podcast. Because we've lost a friend too soon as well. Much too soon.

In honor of Jim Brenholts, I offer this special podcast as my personal tribute. It is simply this one album, "The Spectre Looms Suddenly," played straight through.

As another member of the community noted, I do hope that somewhere Jim is listening to more beautiful music than he ever heard in his too-short time among us.

peace & power,
John Shanahan

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