Friday, November 27, 2009

Hypnagogue Podcast 15

90 minutes of ambient & electronic music.

This time through we start with quiet offerings from Emerald Adrift, Giles Reaves & Ashid Himons, Sensitive Chaos (who brings a little rhythm to the flow), Oophoi, Mister Vapor, and Life Audience. From there we get a little funkier with beats and grooves from General Fuzz, DJ Cybo, Jeff Greinke (who slows things down just a touch), Marconi Union and Canartic. Finally, Indiginus takes us out with a track that's sure to make you smile.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Hypnagogue Podcast 14

90 minutes of ambient & electronic music.

For the second time we delve into discs that have been noted as Hypnagogue Highly Recommended CDs, ranging to deep-breath drifts to uptempo tunes quite on the verge of rocking out. Flow along with work from Lopside, Sleeping Me, Igneous Flame, Tim Story, Aron Kirk, Dwight Ashley, Computerchemist, Mahoney & Peck, Numina, Bruno Sanfilipo and Byron Metcalf.