Thursday, December 24, 2009

Hypnagogue Podcast 17

A gift for you on Christmas Eve....90 minutes of ambient & electronic music.

A rich blend of styles for the last voyage of 2009. Markus Reuter starts the flow with a pensive, earthy piece from his CD, Trepanation. Systems Theory goes all cinematic on us with an upbeat, jazzy Soundtrack from Imaginary Movies cut. Sky offers a beautiful acoustic piece that conjures a gypsy dance around the fire. The New Pollutants describe a bit of drama with their “Kidnap Theme.” Pete Ardron and Samantha Ray intertwine their graceful voices around some whispering drifts. Svefn brings some “Lightness” with a semi-sacred feel to the mix. And Brannan Lane and Zero Ohms provide a sonically guided meditation to end the first section with a quiet, cleansing breath. Some thanks from your gracious host, and then Steve Rose picks up his guitar to open the second section. Things deepen and darken in the capable hands of Joel Hinkle and eerie sounds from Labrahtisattva, and then your gracious host chooses an appropriately titled track from Ministry of Inside Things to close out the year.

You'll hear me say it enough during the 'cast, but I want to thank you for listening. While the feedback's been minimal, the growing numbers of subscribers and the number of downloads, just shy of averaging 100 per episode as of this writing, tell me that the response is out there and it's good. So I'll just keep going. And I hope you'll be coming along.

Thank you again for your support of the Hypnagogue Podcast.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Hypnagogue Podcast 16

90 even-quieter-than usual minutes of ambient & electronic music.

Something different this time around. For the last 15 episodes I have chosen music to play under me during the breaks, always looking for drifting, subtle, beatless pieces. I add them to the podcast, but I turn the sound way down--you know, so as not to mar my dulcet tones.

Now it's time for those pieces to come to the forefront, and it makes for a very quiet and soothing journey. Settle in for an hour and a half of soft, calming flows and deep sounds from Austere, Brannan Lane & Ashera, Tau Ceti, Numina, Manitou, John Vorus, Steve Roach, Jim Cole & Spectral Voices, Forrest Fang and DAC Crowell & Kurt Doles.

Plus, in the opening's the return of The Goobs.