Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hypnagogue Podcast 44

The last one for 2010. A selection of some of my favorite tracks from the past year--obviously just a small sampling thereof, as there has been a remarkable amount of good music coming my way. Many thanks to the listeners and the artists for keeping me going, each in their own way. Here's to a music-filled 2011.

peace & power,

Episode 44, "A Few Faves"
            Dave Preston, "Feeling God Has Left You," Soundtrack for Motion
7.43      Northcape, "Doesn't Feel Like A Long Way," Captured from Static
13.29    The Jingle Kings, "No Man's Land," The New Megalopolis
17.05    Phillip Wilkerson, "Certainty," Interplay
22.42    Integral, "Je Ne Trouve Pas La Sortie," Rise
25.49    Slow Dancing Society, "By Your Side," Under the Sodium Lights
34.53    Jason Sloan, "dryANDabsolute," corruptedHorizon
47.57    Alio Die/Parallel Worlds, "Slide Into Grace," Circo Divino
57.33    Steve Roach, "The View from Here," Sigh of Ages
1.07.58 Altus, "Waiting for the Cover of White," Black Trees Among Amber Skies
1.20.51 Darshan Ambient, "A Day Within Days," A Day Within Days
1.28.54 Ministry of Inside Things, "Grateful," Everlasting Moment

Underlay: Andrew Lahiff, "Waters of Venus," Shapes in Clouds

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hypnagogue Podcast 43

Twisted skeins of sound vie for your attention in this episode's sonic surfeit. A spattering of beats and grooves converge on the verge of self-awareness. Willful manipulation of your headspace with the most benevolent of intentions, of course. Course through, look around, take notes. You may be quizzed. Remain seated until the ride comes to a complete stop. A clerical error adds a bonus track.

Episode 43, "Quality Assurance"
               Access to Araska, Inc(Tumbler), Void[]
4.00        Radio Free Clear Light, "There Is No Song," Isula
11.36      MWVM, "Trowelling," Available at Soundcloud
15.32      Tkatka, "Bedroom Dust," Tkatka
20.33      High Skies, "Forecast Fire," Sounds of Earth
24.09      Ships on Fire, "Glimpses of Silver," The Sleeper Must Awaken
35.11      a.r.s.(E), "Simmering," errata
40.17      Tom DePlonty, "The Cup of Wands," Corridor
44.15      Mikronesia, "Genre," Iris Or Comfortable Too
51.05      Stephen Phillips, "Released from Reality," Fugue States Vol. 1
55.23      Jonathan Badger, "They Searched for Each Other in the Shelter of Mercury," Unsung Stories..
1.01.44   Digitube, "Not Hip Hoppy," Time to Chill
1.07.09   Praguedren, "House Built of Dub," Painting Over Scenery
1.10.54   Ian C. Bouras, "On the Corner with Doubt," A Certainty of Being Found
1.14.53   The Current, "Sunday Sunburn," Communion
1.23.38   Unsure Hand, "The Places I'm Not," Unreleased
Underlay: Altus, "Dust Lanes," The Grand Expanse

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hypnagogue Podcast 42

This one is thoroughly mixed for your listening pleasure. Spacey in spots, tribal at times, New Age, old school, loud and quiet. Keep the volume up for this one. There's a lot to hear.

"What Do All The People Know?"
              Amongst Myselves, "Cloud of Unknowing," Fragments
8.25        Interstitial, Endless Coral
16.18      Steve Roach & Byron Metcalf, "Shedding the Skin," Serpent's Lair
21.21      Dolmen, "Calling Our Dead Ones Home," Incantations Verse 1
24.50      Mayfairgrin, "Soulmilk," We Were the Pale Lovers
38.50      Igneous Flame, "Platinum Skies," Ion
49.51      Janne Hanhisuanto, "Fog at the Sea," Water Stories
58.56      Llewellyn, "Gateway to the Outerworld," Walking With Merlyn
1.06.43   Robert Bruce, "Time Release," Bound for the Tenderness of Eden
1.10.23   Robert Rich, "Charukesi," Ylang
1.20.03   Nelson Foltz & Tom Lynn, excerpt from Still Life Vol. 3 

Underlay: Collpasar, "The Way to Infinity," Beyond the Event Horizon


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hypnagogue Podcast 41: Celebrating 10,000 downloads

I promise to update this entry soon with a playlist, but right now I'm just a little overwhelmed. I knew this moment was coming, but to actually see it....that's something else.

The 40 episodes of the Hypnagogue Podcast have now been downloaded more than 10,000 times. That's an average of 250 per episode, with many logging more than 300.

I wanted to thank you all for supporting the podcast, for listening, for tweeting and re-tweeting and passing along the site info. It's magnificently gratifying.

As a thank you, here's episode 41, early. It's an uninterrupted 90-minute flow, cool and quiet and deep.

I'm going to go back to staring at that "10,000" on feedburner now.

peace & power,


Episode 41, "Deploy the Temporal Stasis Field"
             Kyle Bobby Dunn, "Empty Gazing," A Young Person's Guide To...
7.04       Chris Russell, "Time Lost," Frozen
14.18     Marc Atmost, "Moonlight Water," Versatile
20.17     Deep Chill Network, Dream Companion (excerpt)
29.17     Giles Reaves, "The Unknowable," Wunjo  [not sure how to get this.]
48.04     Pascal Savy, "In Fading Light," The Endless Seasons
54.18     Austere, "Seraphim," Solyaris
1.09.35  Bob Ohrum, "While They Slept," Elevated
1.18.45  Colin Thomas, "PrairieCityAfternoon," Stones/Still

[no underlay]

Friday, November 12, 2010

Hypnagogue Podcast 40

Like an old album, this one has two sides...a set of dark ambient followed by a set of not-so-dark ambient. And an opening bit that I still chuckle at.


Episode 40, "The Dark & The Light"

              Wolfskin/Last Industrial Estate, "Criogenic," Stonegates of Silence
9.24       Terra Sancta, "Disintegration II," Disintegration
22.17      Mystified, "The Final Gate," Passing Through the Outer Gates
29.45      Aspectee, "Betho Et," Morben
36.26      Sense Project, "Prime Mover," The Sublime
48.09      Spectra Ciera, "Faint Recollection," Accumulation Section
51.02      Dan Pound, "Point of the Laser," Interlace
1.00.29   Forrest Fang, "Distant Fires," Phantoms
1.05.34   DAC Crowell, "Red Shifted Harmonies (excerpt)," Red Shifted Harmonies
1.14.09   Larry Kucharz, "Red Wash No. 5," Ambient Red Washes
1.19.36   Max Corbacho, "Narthex (excerpt)," Ars Lucis
1.27.57   Lopside, "Tomsong," Junedecember

Underlay: Aphorism, "End of the Start," Second Statement

Friday, October 29, 2010

Hypnagogue Podcast 39

This episode opens with a 56-minute set of mostly uptempo pieces, skirting the fringes of Berlin-school music and spacey grooves. From there it gets quieter, with a touch of dramatic narrative, and closes out just a trifle on the shadowy side of things.


Episode 39, "No Secrets"

            Paragate, "Cork on the Waves," Gnosis
11.29   Wharmton Rise, "Earthbound," Earthbound
17.25    Computerchemist, "Flight of 'F'," Atmospheric
26.50    Orbital Decay, "6 of 3," Drastic Park
32.59    Atomic Skunk, "One More Around Ganymede," Portal
43.00    usr/sbin, "usr/sbin," Personikal
52.59    John Luttrell, "High Clouds," The Dream Exchange
59.05    Swartz, "Late Machines," Nighttide
1.05.29 Cousin Silas, "Driftwood Polished by the Ocean," The Snow Imposed Silence
1.11.43 Scott August, "Journey of Solace," Radiant Sky
1.18.26 Erik Wollo, "There Will Be Snow," Gateway
1.26.51 Sloum, "Tenebrous Beats the Hunter's Heart," Sloum
Underlay: Brain Ballet, "Ancient Sea," Aquarium of the Deep

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hypnagogue Podcast 38

It's a familiar flow this time around. The first set is 45 minutes of quiet, hushed drifts and deep atmospherics. Your host intervenes for a minute or two and then it's time to move with beats and a healthy dollop of funkiness. A quiet 10-minute piece takes you to the hour-twenty mark. (We shore up a little light in this one. I don't think you'll mind....)

Episode 38, "At the Sound of the Tone"
            Nathan Youngblood, "Flume," Asunder
11.10    John Vorus, "Tidepool," Transmuting Currents
15.17    Resonant Drift, "The Current," The Call
20.48    Rigel Orionis, "Drone Resemblage," The Drone Tone
26.43    Transcendent Device, "At One with Time," Architectonics & The Elaborate Construction of Meaning
32.02    Jonathan Block, "Diffract," The Anatomy of Waves
49.41    Bing Satellites, "Forever," I Heard Something in the Distance Vol 1
54.59    Dep, "Red, Blue, Green," Start Loving the Robots
1.01.25 The Smokering, "B-Girl," Mellow Majestic
1.05.47 Patrick Balthrop, "HeavyEyes," Sundowner
1.16.11 David Helpling & Jon Jenkins, "For the Fallen," The Crossing
Underlay: earWorm, "Dusting the Juggler," earWorm

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hypnagogue Podcast 37

Time to dig through the list of Highly Recommended CDs again and pull out some choice tracks. What more is there to say? Enjoy the flow.

Episode 37, "Highly Recommended CDs"
             Arrocata, "Voices in the Window," Desert Electric
7.41      Between Interval, "Minotaur's Lair," The Edge of a Fairytale
11.58    Frore, "Standing on Soft Ground," The Nameless Place
19.37    Palancar, "Reawakening, Rebirth," Enlightenment
31.10    Undo, "Wintermute," 9.9.99
36.20    Mara's Torment, "Suspension," Dexterity
45.03    Jeff Grienke, "East Facing Slope," Virga
51.09    Bruno Sanfilippo, "Track 5," Piano Textures 2
57.48    Dwight Ashley, "Recalling '76," Watermelon Sugar
1.01.45 Philip Wilkerson, "Markings," Interplay
1.10.53 Manitou, "Looking Up Grand River, From Here All Points North," All Points North
1.18.32 Steve Roach, "Merging With Grace, Pt 1," Live at Grace Cathedral
Underlay: Ian Bouras, "On the Corner with Doubt," The Certainty of Being Found

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hypnagogue Podcast 36

Strap in for this one, friends. We'll be going places. Lots of places. Ninety minutes that move through gristly avant-rock, reflective electromelodies, pulsing soundscapes and even a touch of folk-rock. There are beats and there is calm and all you need to do is carve out the space and listen.

Episode 36, "Good Question"
              Jonathan Badger, "The Vessel Megalo," Untold Stories from Lily's Days...
6.45       Darshan Ambient, "The Geometer of Dreams," From Pale Hands to Weary Skies
11.13     Neuron Dreamtime, "Akashic Vapu," I Am My Own Mushroom
20.10     Matt Borghi, "Break Harbor Asphalt," Olagra
34.27     SE, "Beton," L36
42.03     Mark Mahoney, "The Subtleties Between Desire and Need," Beyond the Vaulting Sky
47.08     Viridian Sun, "Light Years from Here," Infinite in All Directions
55.55     Jeffrey Koepper, "Sense of Time," Momentium
1.07.08  Slow Dancing Society, "This Lilac Life," Priest Lake Circa '88
1.15.56  Elisa Luu, "Pixie Space Rock," Chromatic Sigh
1.21.29  Aaron Marshall, "Peace and Gravity," Noir Ambiance 
Underlay: Ships on Fire, "Glimpses of Silver," The Sleeper Must Awaken

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hypnagogue Podcast 35

This episode begins with an easy glide from spacey electronic drifts to pieces that are more acoustically focused. A short break and then we charge into some beats, glitchwork and unusual sounds masquerading perfectly as music. A return to quietness then that lasts until the final fade.

Episode 35, "Invasive Flow"

            Har, "Missing Prototype," Obscura
12.07   Labrathisattva, "Ever Downward," The View from Down Here
19.11   Andrew Lahiff,* "New Dawn," Shapes in Clouds
30.55   Patrick Smith, "Cloud Shepherd," Scattered Hearts
34.27   Story & Roedelius, "Beforst," Inlandish
38.37   Wes Willenbring, "Aperture," Someone Somewhere Else
43.52    Jason Sloan, "forward," corruptedHorizon
50.29   Cluster, "Gissander," Qua**
57.15    Broken Harbour, "Requiem for Dead Spacemen," Broken Harbour
1.04.08 Alpha Wave Movement, "Requiem for C.S.," A Distant Signal
1.07.26 Markus Mehr, "Agenda," Lava
1.16.50 Joel Hinkle, "Quiet Moment," As the Flesh Departs

Underlay: Larry Kucharz, Engraving No. 3, Electro Engravings

*I pronounced this last name "La-heef" on the podcast and have become obsessed with the notion that it probably should be pronounced "Lay-hiff." Apologies if I was wrong, Andrew!
**It didn't occur to me until a later preview listen that this one has a double-dose of HJ Roedelius. One with Tim Story, and one with Deiter Moebius as Cluster. Enjoy!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hypnagogue Podcast 34

Are you ready for "Night of the Living Underlays II"?

Back in episode 16 I gave the podcast over to tracks that had been featured as the background music for my voiceovers. It's been a while, and I think it's time to bring those pieces to the forefront.

It's going to be another quiet ride, my friends. Mostly. Shall we begin?

Episode 34, "Night of the Living Underlays II"
             IXOHOXI/Numina, "Nartiang Misty Monoliths," Megaliths & Monoliths
8.31      Arcticology, "Open," Eternal Now
17.50    Emerald Adrift, "Resisting the Current," The Blue Flower
24.07    Igneous Flame & Disturbed Earth, "III," Harmonium
32.19    dreamSTATE, "Jharna Revealed," A Decade Dreaming
36.23    Silvercord, "Leo (The Kirlian Effect)," Zodiac (compilation)
43.13    Chad Hoefler, "Refugia," Twilight in the Offing
48.42    Midnight Sound Service, "Strange News from Another Star," Untitled
57.31    Human Metronome & 33 Tetragammon, "Zero Point," Resonating Earth
1.03.22 Phillip Wilkerson, "First World," Still Point
1.12.20 Steve Roach, "Opening Sky," Dynamic Stillness
1.16.42 Evan Bluetech, "Green Sophia," Call of the Wild
[no underlay]

Friday, August 6, 2010

Hypnagogue Podcast 33

Things have gotten a little quiet around here lately. That's par for the course with an ambient music podcast, I guess, but it seemed like this was a good time to maybe step up the tempo, add some beats and (gasp!) maybe a vocal or two. Dancing is encouraged.

Episode 33, "Up Your Tempo"

            Geoffrey Armes, The Neighborhood Dubhouse, Hemispheres
6.23      Life Audience, You Got Me Movin, Waves & Particles
14.06    Northcape, Grove Park, Captured in Static
21.52    Balligomingo, A Beautiful Day, Under the Endless Sky
26.21    Ketsa, Hopeless, Eleven
30.36    NC Thompson, For A Million, Another Quiet Winter
37.32    Canartic, Hueman, Modulotion
44.16    James Murray, Four Eight Six, The Miracle of Transport
50.55    Forrest Fang, Little Anklung, Phantoms
58.56    Mystified, Back to the Primal, Primal Mystification
1.12.11 Ministry of Inside Things, Fortescue, Contact Point
1.23.03 Mark Mahoney & M Peck, A Divison of Souls, A Life Incandescent

Underlay: Ben Stepner, II, Garden

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hypnagogue Podcast 32

Be ready as we embark on what begins as one of the darkest voyages yet. Pass through shadowy drone-washed, experimental, minimalist sound-sculptures and emerge, eventually, into brighter spaces touched with rhythm, then spiral down in contemplative quiet. At the end, ease away on a pair of spacey drifts.


Episode 32, "A Distorted Message"

0.00      Yen Pox, Thin|Empty, Blood Music
6.38      Phaenon, Soul Virus--Interstellar Semantics, His Master's Voice
20.00    Joe Frawley, Left Cincinnatti, Left Cincinnatti
24.28    Dwight Ashley, I Swallowed A Thousand Saws, Four 
32.02    Michael Avannier, Le Rencontre, Odyssey of Rapture
34.44    Runningonair, Systems Out of Chance V1 Affected, Systems Out of Chance
46.45    Dave Preston, Sweet Sound of Escape, Soundtrack for Motion
51.44    Praguedren, House Built of Dub, Painting Over Scenery
55.28    Petal, An Extra Seat, The Last Season
1.05.01  Sleeping Me, Northern Pacific, Lamenter
1.07.14  Dreamhub, Crab Nebula, Moments in Space
1.14.44  Juta Takahashi, Hymn (exceprt), Hymn

Underlay: Human Metronome & 33 Tetragammon, "Zero Point," Resonating Earth

Friday, July 9, 2010

Hypnagogue Podcast 31

The ride this time takes you in and out of beat-filled spaces, the soundscapes and constructs between carved in undulating waves of calm.

Episode 31, "We're Occupying Your Headspace"
0.00    Sinerider, Binary Flowers, I Heard Something in the Distance V1
4.44    Boy Is Fiction, Feeling Lazy, Broadcasts in Colour
9.01    Bruno Sanfilippo & Mathias Grassow, Track Two, Cromo
16.30   D_R Radio, Ruins of a Wall of Sound, Parts
19.18   Resonant Drift, Understand Now, The Call
28.41   Steve Roach, Morning of Ages, Sigh of Ages
41.43   cyberCHUMP and Janazyk, Drums in Sleep, Regrooved
48.01   Lucette Bourdin, Washing Day, Drum-Atic Atmospheres
52.46   dreamSTATE, Laika's Last Orbit, A Decade Dreaming
57.55   Oribtal Decay, 10 Minutes to Go, Solar Maxima   [no link]
1.11.54 Level Pi, Level Pi Part 3.1415, Entrance
1.17.01 The Black Dog, Business Car Park 9, Music for Real Airports

Underlay: Emerald Adrift, Resisting the Current, The Blue Flower

Friday, June 25, 2010

Hypnagogue Podcast 30

Carve out a 90-minute space for yourself to drop into simply the quietest Hypnagogue podcast yet. Bordering on subliminal at times, this one courses through shadowy abstract constructs from Sara Ayers and Jeff Sampson, M. Peck, Brannan Lane and Amir Baghiri, Ran Kirlian, Alio Die and Parallel Worlds, Pleq, Ships on Fire, Somnarium and Lexithimie.

We are not responsible for any out-of-body experiences that occur as a result of listening to this episode.If you leave your body, please try to remember where you parked.

On a side note, I still have two autographed copies of Anawaty/Russell's CD, Monjour, to give away. If you'd like one, drop me an email at

Playlist, with links:
Episode 30, "Improvements to the System"
0.00    Sara Ayers/Jeff Sampson, Not Even All the Stars, Ambient Collaborations
6.50    M. Peck, Somna, Sounds of A Universe Overheard
14.55   Brannan Lane/Amir Baghiri, Dark Vessel, Distant Friends
24.52   Ran Kirlian, Samadhi, Selected Works Vol 1 
32.15   Alio Die/Parallel Worlds, Nuvole di Palissandro, Circo Divino
43.15   Pleq, Whitehearted Whiteout, Our Words Are Frozen
52.10   Ships On Fire, There Were Others, The Sleeper Must Awaken
1.01.51 Lexithimie, Leontopodium discolor, Leontopodium

Underlay: Steve Roach/vidnaObmana, Track 4, Spirit Dome

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Something new.

I've started a new secondary podcast called the Hypnagogue Half-hour Spotlight. Each of these podcasts will feature 30 minutes of music from a single artist in a smooth flow.

The catch is that in order to listen, you'll need to be a "fan" of the podcast on Facebook. Log in and search "Hypnagogue Podcast," Then just click the "Like" button. (Fans also get the regular podcast a day early!)

The first Spotlight features the music of Numina, I hope you'll check it out! 

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hypnagogue Podcast 29--One Year on the Air!

It's the first anniversary of the Hypnagogue Podcast and your host has decided to just play a bunch of my personal favorites. Noting that it's hard to pull twelve "favorite" tracks out of a library of very good music 3000-plus tunes strong, I've opted to offer you some Giles Reaves, Steve Roach, Dave Preston, Anawaty/Russell, Slow Dancing Society, Darshan Ambient, Lopside, Tim Story, Mara's Torment, Igneous Flame and Spacecraft.

The past year has been a lot of fun for me, and I couldn't have done it without the support of the folks listening and the generosity and talent of the musicians. I still get excited when a new CD arrives or when I stumble across something new and interesting on the web to share with you. So here's to the likelihood of another year of quiet grooves, deep drifts and flat-out funkiness. Thank you for all your feedback here, on Facebook and via e-mail. Keep the comments coming, let me know how I'm doing and I promise I'll keep trying to bring you the best music around.

By the by, I wasn't going to release this until Friday, but today is the official anniversary date, so...why not now, right?


peace & power,


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hypnagogue Podcast 28

With your kind permission, this podcast gets you moving immediately with beat-powered grooves from DJ Cybo, Radio Free Clear Light, Boc Scadet, Aron Kirk, Wharmton Rise and Trance Fury. A short break lets you catch your breath, and then it's off into quieter zones—you'll float for a while with Kendall Station and Altus before the tempo picks up again as you slide into tracks from Planet Boelex and Dave Fulton & Giles Reaves. To close we offer an uptempo shamanic vibe from Byron Metcalf, Dashmesh Khalsa and Steve Roach to shake your soul loose and set it flying.



Just a reminder....if you become a fan of the Podcast on Facebook, you get access to it a day early. (Not much of a perk, I know, but there it is.) Search "Hypnagogue Podcast" next time you're on FB.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hypnagogue Podcast 27

Let me give it to you straight this time:

Ninety minutes of great music from Deiter Moebius, Eliethel, Mosaik, Erik Wollo, Modulator ESP, Amorph, Pascal Savy, Gaston Arevalo, Patrick Balthrop, Zero Ohms, Brain Ballet and My Majestic Star. This one runs from funky electro-rhythms and New Age styling to microtones and meditative flows, leaving you at the end with a hint of instrumental modern rock.

Enjoy the journey.

Here's the playlist.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hypnagogue Podcast 26

Settle in for the ride as this episode begins with a 55-minute set that glides through the spaces between moments of conscious thought, spinning shapes from shadow and resonating with the sound light makes as it leaves a star. Tribal touches unravel to wrap spacemusic flows around the air. The journey moves uptempo gently and ends in a full-on groove to return you home to your head.

Your guides: Dino Pacifici, Human Metronome & 33 Tetragammon, Igneous Flame, Padilla/Ohms/Murphy, Numina, Mingo, Lorne David Thomson, Darren Rogers, Carl Sagan's Ghost, Alpha Wave Movement, Miguel Kertsman and Sensitive Chaos.

Enjoy, friends.

Playlist with timecodes is here. (I experimented with putting it into this post, but it looked like hell. So click on over.)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Slight Delay

Friends: Podcast 26 will be delayed, as will my April reviews, as I'm coping with complications from a herniated disc. Haven't been able to stand or sit for the better part of a week, thus precluding much writing or recording. (Writing this one-handed while laying on my bedroom floor!)

Back soon.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Hypnagogue Podcast 25

This time through we start off dark and quiet but pointed toward the light, with work from Frore, Chad Hoefler, Deepspace, Parallel Worlds and Beyond Absence. After the break we go uptempo--and perhaps a bit to the Middle Eastern side of things--with music from Atomic Skunk, Systems Theory. Cybermonkey and Ephemeral Mists. At the end we go all quiet again with Austere, Bruno Sanfilippo and Palancar (whose release is on Dark Duck, not Dank Disk as I say in the podcast*.) This episode closes with a long excerpt from Steve Brand.

*I would have gone back in to fix this on the podcast, but the way my computer has been behaving, the time it would have taken to do so would have dwarfed the time it takes for me to type out my errata--and on the playlist, the link to the label will be correct. So no harm, no foul.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hypnagogue Podcast 24

The ride this time starts with a long, spacey excerpt from Combs Creek Haller. From there we shift into tribal territory with Chad Kettering and Scott August. A quiet piece from Philippe Emmanuel Gueble. One more with tribal overtones from Helpling & Jenkins. The mode selector gets switched to electronic and we take off with Radium 88, Phillip Wilkerson, Aeon and Jeffrey Koepper. At the end it's Ashley & Story segueing into Steve Roach, with Darshan Ambient stepping in for the feel-good finish.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hypnagogue Podcast 23

We begin with beats: Dolmen kicks it off with a mash of feedback and aggressive rhtyhms. Creature keeps it moving and flowing (dancing is encouraged). Darshan Ambient adds to the groove with house-influenced sounds. High Skies pilots us off into a spacier realm (pretend the pounding drums are the pulse-wave engines firing).  We dip into the March review queue then, stringing together new tracks from Aaron Marshall, Undo, Praguedren, Neuron Dreamtime, Neuhuman, Phelios, Level Pi and The Jingle Kings (seriously). We close with new music from Robert Rich, a serpentine glide from Kit Watkins, whispering guitar ambient from Silvercord and an excerpt from Tribe of Astronauts that's so drifty it can be used as a flotation device.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hypnagogue Podcast 22

I'm calling this one the "Lazy Podcast." Why? Because it's only got seven tracks, each a nice, long flow at least eight minutes in length. Relax with full tracks and excerpts from Lopside, Steve Roach, Stephen Philips, Christopher Orczy, Shane Morris, Between Interval and Tange.

So take it easy with me. Next time around we'll be back to the usual format. But for now, hit play, lay back and let's get lazy.

And remember--you can subscribe to the podcast at iTunes and have it automatically downloaded every two weeks!

Plus, there's now a Hypnagogue Podcast fan page on Facebook along with my Facebook page. Just search Hypnagogue Reviews or Hypnagogue Podcast.

And finally, if you look down on the right-hand side of this page you'll find links to other podcasts and broadcasts to listen to when you're not utterly enraptured by mine. Have a listen, and tell 'em The Hypnagogue sent ya.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hypnagogue Podcast 21

A nice bit of flow in which to immerse yourself this time 'round. It begins on the uptempo side with a new track from Trance Fury, some microsound pleasure from Patrick Balthrop and washes & beats from Steve Roach and Erik Wollo. Jujigen slows things down, Lucette Bourdin continues the softer flow and MWVM guides you gently to the first break. Then it's time to listen to some new music that's being reviewed on the Hypnagogue site this month: A Backward Glance on a Travel Road, Godheadscope, Kyron, Roedelius and Mark Snyder (who brought his accordion). Back to the beats then as Runningonair conjures the spirit of Philip Glass, MusSck funks you into the world of glitch-hop and Phylum Sinter channels the flavor of synthpop via laptop. At the end, Forrest Fang plays you quietly home.

Just a note: My computer--a Flintstonian little piece of work--stared to choke on the file toward the end. I had to make sort an end-run around it for my last voiceover, so the old warbly sound that used to plague the earliest 'casts makes a guest appearance. Hopefully, it won't happen again.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Hypnagogue Podcast 20

The path this time begins with a 40-minute consideration of the guitar, with pieces that range from earthly to otherworldly. Matt Borghi begins with some silk-edged sounds. Life Audience blends a funky riff with electronic twiddle. Patrick Smith keeps it gently acoustic with just the right touches of treatment. Petal follows suit with a slow-moving piece that feels like the onset of Sunday rain. Slow Dancing Society drifts through a bar-band 4 a.m. last-call tune. Your host indulges himself with an Anawaty/Russell piece that he's quite simply fallen in love with, and not just for its final two Oldfieldian minutes. Strom Noir lays down layer upon layer of processed guitar sounds in a dense, comforting haze. A Thousand Years runs a straight-rock sensibility through an ambient filter for a feeling that's quite pleasantly disjointed. Steven K. Smith plays us softly out, echoing along the way. From there it's off into drone-based territory with excerpts from long pieces by Ben Stepner and M. Peck moving us from deepening shadow to cloying darkness. Nathan Youngblood brings it back around with a soft flow of his own. Episode 20 concludes heading uptempo, courtesy of Acrylic.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hypnagogue Podcast 19

After an opening bit that quite frankly made me chuckle every time I reviewed it, the journey begins in a beatless realm of shifting light and shadow. Alien jazz rolls by, a bit of pure funk from another world, melding into a unique, pulse-driven piece with Kraut-rock cred. Quieter then, echoing keys and soft electronic accents to bring you back down as the flow returns to more silken textures. The voyage heads briefly into space--once around the outer planets and then back for a fiery, guitar-powered re-entry that settles into a cooling, synth pad cruise and the hush of stillness. At the end, something on the folksier side--but with deep electronic genes.

Your pilots for the voyage this time: Mark Mahoney, Kalte, Arterial Flow, Cluster, DubJay, Larry Kucharz, Mara's Torment, John Lyell, Computerchemist, cyberCHUMP, Modulator ESP, Midnight Sound Service and Chris Tenz.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Hypnagogue Podcast 18

A fairly eclectic blend this time through, and all relatively new music for the first podcast of 2010.

Deborah Martin & Erik Wollo start things off with a Native American-inspired piece featuring Deborah's hypnotic chanting. Cass Anawaty and Paul Russell bring some world-jazz flavor and Ian Bouras delivers us to the Caribbean with a bit of skankin' dub. A quiet piece from Jeff Grienke's latest slows things down, and Stray Ghost and Ran Kirlian complete the first half in contemplative quiet. Your host goes on about something for a bit and then turns things over to Between Interval. Evan Bluetech summons spirits with some uptempo twiddle-and-bounce. Wes Willenbring brings us back to a quiet spot to think. An excerpt from Telescope then, some free-form Berlin-esque exploration. And Bluejooz ramps up the drama to bring it to a feel-good close.