Friday, January 8, 2010

Hypnagogue Podcast 18

A fairly eclectic blend this time through, and all relatively new music for the first podcast of 2010.

Deborah Martin & Erik Wollo start things off with a Native American-inspired piece featuring Deborah's hypnotic chanting. Cass Anawaty and Paul Russell bring some world-jazz flavor and Ian Bouras delivers us to the Caribbean with a bit of skankin' dub. A quiet piece from Jeff Grienke's latest slows things down, and Stray Ghost and Ran Kirlian complete the first half in contemplative quiet. Your host goes on about something for a bit and then turns things over to Between Interval. Evan Bluetech summons spirits with some uptempo twiddle-and-bounce. Wes Willenbring brings us back to a quiet spot to think. An excerpt from Telescope then, some free-form Berlin-esque exploration. And Bluejooz ramps up the drama to bring it to a feel-good close.

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