Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hypnagogue Podcast 19

After an opening bit that quite frankly made me chuckle every time I reviewed it, the journey begins in a beatless realm of shifting light and shadow. Alien jazz rolls by, a bit of pure funk from another world, melding into a unique, pulse-driven piece with Kraut-rock cred. Quieter then, echoing keys and soft electronic accents to bring you back down as the flow returns to more silken textures. The voyage heads briefly into space--once around the outer planets and then back for a fiery, guitar-powered re-entry that settles into a cooling, synth pad cruise and the hush of stillness. At the end, something on the folksier side--but with deep electronic genes.

Your pilots for the voyage this time: Mark Mahoney, Kalte, Arterial Flow, Cluster, DubJay, Larry Kucharz, Mara's Torment, John Lyell, Computerchemist, cyberCHUMP, Modulator ESP, Midnight Sound Service and Chris Tenz.


marastorment said...

Ohhhhh, a rik double shot! Thank you for playing mara's torment and Kalte in the same podcst, your continued support is most excellent!



Hypnagogue said...

If I'd paid attention and known they were both you, MacLean... I'd have played them anyway. ;-)

This was my first exposure to Kalte--going back for more.

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