Friday, February 5, 2010

Hypnagogue Podcast 20

The path this time begins with a 40-minute consideration of the guitar, with pieces that range from earthly to otherworldly. Matt Borghi begins with some silk-edged sounds. Life Audience blends a funky riff with electronic twiddle. Patrick Smith keeps it gently acoustic with just the right touches of treatment. Petal follows suit with a slow-moving piece that feels like the onset of Sunday rain. Slow Dancing Society drifts through a bar-band 4 a.m. last-call tune. Your host indulges himself with an Anawaty/Russell piece that he's quite simply fallen in love with, and not just for its final two Oldfieldian minutes. Strom Noir lays down layer upon layer of processed guitar sounds in a dense, comforting haze. A Thousand Years runs a straight-rock sensibility through an ambient filter for a feeling that's quite pleasantly disjointed. Steven K. Smith plays us softly out, echoing along the way. From there it's off into drone-based territory with excerpts from long pieces by Ben Stepner and M. Peck moving us from deepening shadow to cloying darkness. Nathan Youngblood brings it back around with a soft flow of his own. Episode 20 concludes heading uptempo, courtesy of Acrylic.


[P!]Wack said...

I'm listening to minute 23, great so far, so ambient/fussion, long live to the "podcast to cure that bloody insomnia"

Hypnagogue said...

Thank you, friend. I hope I continue to please.

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