Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hypnagogue Podcast 27

Let me give it to you straight this time:

Ninety minutes of great music from Deiter Moebius, Eliethel, Mosaik, Erik Wollo, Modulator ESP, Amorph, Pascal Savy, Gaston Arevalo, Patrick Balthrop, Zero Ohms, Brain Ballet and My Majestic Star. This one runs from funky electro-rhythms and New Age styling to microtones and meditative flows, leaving you at the end with a hint of instrumental modern rock.

Enjoy the journey.

Here's the playlist.


[P!]Wack said...

the first part was good, but the trip starts at the 23' mark. Great selection as always.

PS: still listening, maybe there will be more comments ;)

Hypnagogue said...

Thank you, as always! I really like that stretch, too. I only recently came across Savy and Arevalo--great, truly interesting stuff, and I've been really enjoying microtone-style work lately. Go to Savy's site and read about the technical aspects behind the work.

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