Friday, June 25, 2010

Hypnagogue Podcast 30

Carve out a 90-minute space for yourself to drop into simply the quietest Hypnagogue podcast yet. Bordering on subliminal at times, this one courses through shadowy abstract constructs from Sara Ayers and Jeff Sampson, M. Peck, Brannan Lane and Amir Baghiri, Ran Kirlian, Alio Die and Parallel Worlds, Pleq, Ships on Fire, Somnarium and Lexithimie.

We are not responsible for any out-of-body experiences that occur as a result of listening to this episode.If you leave your body, please try to remember where you parked.

On a side note, I still have two autographed copies of Anawaty/Russell's CD, Monjour, to give away. If you'd like one, drop me an email at

Playlist, with links:
Episode 30, "Improvements to the System"
0.00    Sara Ayers/Jeff Sampson, Not Even All the Stars, Ambient Collaborations
6.50    M. Peck, Somna, Sounds of A Universe Overheard
14.55   Brannan Lane/Amir Baghiri, Dark Vessel, Distant Friends
24.52   Ran Kirlian, Samadhi, Selected Works Vol 1 
32.15   Alio Die/Parallel Worlds, Nuvole di Palissandro, Circo Divino
43.15   Pleq, Whitehearted Whiteout, Our Words Are Frozen
52.10   Ships On Fire, There Were Others, The Sleeper Must Awaken
1.01.51 Lexithimie, Leontopodium discolor, Leontopodium

Underlay: Steve Roach/vidnaObmana, Track 4, Spirit Dome

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jeff said...

John - hey! Thank you for playing "Not Even All the Stars" - much appreciated. The whole 'cast is very nice, and my introduction to Pleq, Ships on Fire, and Lexithimie. Thanks for those, too.


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