Friday, July 9, 2010

Hypnagogue Podcast 31

The ride this time takes you in and out of beat-filled spaces, the soundscapes and constructs between carved in undulating waves of calm.

Episode 31, "We're Occupying Your Headspace"
0.00    Sinerider, Binary Flowers, I Heard Something in the Distance V1
4.44    Boy Is Fiction, Feeling Lazy, Broadcasts in Colour
9.01    Bruno Sanfilippo & Mathias Grassow, Track Two, Cromo
16.30   D_R Radio, Ruins of a Wall of Sound, Parts
19.18   Resonant Drift, Understand Now, The Call
28.41   Steve Roach, Morning of Ages, Sigh of Ages
41.43   cyberCHUMP and Janazyk, Drums in Sleep, Regrooved
48.01   Lucette Bourdin, Washing Day, Drum-Atic Atmospheres
52.46   dreamSTATE, Laika's Last Orbit, A Decade Dreaming
57.55   Oribtal Decay, 10 Minutes to Go, Solar Maxima   [no link]
1.11.54 Level Pi, Level Pi Part 3.1415, Entrance
1.17.01 The Black Dog, Business Car Park 9, Music for Real Airports

Underlay: Emerald Adrift, Resisting the Current, The Blue Flower


Duck said...

Did you say "In like Flint"? If so, you're not as old as you think. As I heard it, the original phrase is "in like Flynn," which was a WWII-era thing (or at least they said it a lot in WWII movies), and then in the 60s there were a few movies about a Bond clone (a young James Coburn) named (you guessed it) Flint, and the second was called "In Like Flint" (a pun on "in like Flynn"). How about that.

Hypnagogue said...

You know, I did say Flint, and I realzed it at the time, then didn't bother to correct m'self. (I was waiting for you!) That stray "T" just jumped in there of its own accord.

I actually love those Flint movies. Coburn's one of my favorite badasses.

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