Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hypnagogue Podcast 32

Be ready as we embark on what begins as one of the darkest voyages yet. Pass through shadowy drone-washed, experimental, minimalist sound-sculptures and emerge, eventually, into brighter spaces touched with rhythm, then spiral down in contemplative quiet. At the end, ease away on a pair of spacey drifts.


Episode 32, "A Distorted Message"

0.00      Yen Pox, Thin|Empty, Blood Music
6.38      Phaenon, Soul Virus--Interstellar Semantics, His Master's Voice
20.00    Joe Frawley, Left Cincinnatti, Left Cincinnatti
24.28    Dwight Ashley, I Swallowed A Thousand Saws, Four 
32.02    Michael Avannier, Le Rencontre, Odyssey of Rapture
34.44    Runningonair, Systems Out of Chance V1 Affected, Systems Out of Chance
46.45    Dave Preston, Sweet Sound of Escape, Soundtrack for Motion
51.44    Praguedren, House Built of Dub, Painting Over Scenery
55.28    Petal, An Extra Seat, The Last Season
1.05.01  Sleeping Me, Northern Pacific, Lamenter
1.07.14  Dreamhub, Crab Nebula, Moments in Space
1.14.44  Juta Takahashi, Hymn (exceprt), Hymn

Underlay: Human Metronome & 33 Tetragammon, "Zero Point," Resonating Earth


Szymon said...

Thank you for including my track.
I appreciate it. Any chances to have "His Master's Voice" reviewed?

Hypnagogue said...

It's in line for review, Szymon. Looking forward to diving even deeper into your brand of darkness.

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