Friday, August 6, 2010

Hypnagogue Podcast 33

Things have gotten a little quiet around here lately. That's par for the course with an ambient music podcast, I guess, but it seemed like this was a good time to maybe step up the tempo, add some beats and (gasp!) maybe a vocal or two. Dancing is encouraged.

Episode 33, "Up Your Tempo"

            Geoffrey Armes, The Neighborhood Dubhouse, Hemispheres
6.23      Life Audience, You Got Me Movin, Waves & Particles
14.06    Northcape, Grove Park, Captured in Static
21.52    Balligomingo, A Beautiful Day, Under the Endless Sky
26.21    Ketsa, Hopeless, Eleven
30.36    NC Thompson, For A Million, Another Quiet Winter
37.32    Canartic, Hueman, Modulotion
44.16    James Murray, Four Eight Six, The Miracle of Transport
50.55    Forrest Fang, Little Anklung, Phantoms
58.56    Mystified, Back to the Primal, Primal Mystification
1.12.11 Ministry of Inside Things, Fortescue, Contact Point
1.23.03 Mark Mahoney & M Peck, A Divison of Souls, A Life Incandescent

Underlay: Ben Stepner, II, Garden

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