Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hypnagogue Podcast 37

Time to dig through the list of Highly Recommended CDs again and pull out some choice tracks. What more is there to say? Enjoy the flow.

Episode 37, "Highly Recommended CDs"
             Arrocata, "Voices in the Window," Desert Electric
7.41      Between Interval, "Minotaur's Lair," The Edge of a Fairytale
11.58    Frore, "Standing on Soft Ground," The Nameless Place
19.37    Palancar, "Reawakening, Rebirth," Enlightenment
31.10    Undo, "Wintermute," 9.9.99
36.20    Mara's Torment, "Suspension," Dexterity
45.03    Jeff Grienke, "East Facing Slope," Virga
51.09    Bruno Sanfilippo, "Track 5," Piano Textures 2
57.48    Dwight Ashley, "Recalling '76," Watermelon Sugar
1.01.45 Philip Wilkerson, "Markings," Interplay
1.10.53 Manitou, "Looking Up Grand River, From Here All Points North," All Points North
1.18.32 Steve Roach, "Merging With Grace, Pt 1," Live at Grace Cathedral
Underlay: Ian Bouras, "On the Corner with Doubt," The Certainty of Being Found

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hypnagogue Podcast 36

Strap in for this one, friends. We'll be going places. Lots of places. Ninety minutes that move through gristly avant-rock, reflective electromelodies, pulsing soundscapes and even a touch of folk-rock. There are beats and there is calm and all you need to do is carve out the space and listen.

Episode 36, "Good Question"
              Jonathan Badger, "The Vessel Megalo," Untold Stories from Lily's Days...
6.45       Darshan Ambient, "The Geometer of Dreams," From Pale Hands to Weary Skies
11.13     Neuron Dreamtime, "Akashic Vapu," I Am My Own Mushroom
20.10     Matt Borghi, "Break Harbor Asphalt," Olagra
34.27     SE, "Beton," L36
42.03     Mark Mahoney, "The Subtleties Between Desire and Need," Beyond the Vaulting Sky
47.08     Viridian Sun, "Light Years from Here," Infinite in All Directions
55.55     Jeffrey Koepper, "Sense of Time," Momentium
1.07.08  Slow Dancing Society, "This Lilac Life," Priest Lake Circa '88
1.15.56  Elisa Luu, "Pixie Space Rock," Chromatic Sigh
1.21.29  Aaron Marshall, "Peace and Gravity," Noir Ambiance 
Underlay: Ships on Fire, "Glimpses of Silver," The Sleeper Must Awaken

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hypnagogue Podcast 35

This episode begins with an easy glide from spacey electronic drifts to pieces that are more acoustically focused. A short break and then we charge into some beats, glitchwork and unusual sounds masquerading perfectly as music. A return to quietness then that lasts until the final fade.

Episode 35, "Invasive Flow"

            Har, "Missing Prototype," Obscura
12.07   Labrathisattva, "Ever Downward," The View from Down Here
19.11   Andrew Lahiff,* "New Dawn," Shapes in Clouds
30.55   Patrick Smith, "Cloud Shepherd," Scattered Hearts
34.27   Story & Roedelius, "Beforst," Inlandish
38.37   Wes Willenbring, "Aperture," Someone Somewhere Else
43.52    Jason Sloan, "forward," corruptedHorizon
50.29   Cluster, "Gissander," Qua**
57.15    Broken Harbour, "Requiem for Dead Spacemen," Broken Harbour
1.04.08 Alpha Wave Movement, "Requiem for C.S.," A Distant Signal
1.07.26 Markus Mehr, "Agenda," Lava
1.16.50 Joel Hinkle, "Quiet Moment," As the Flesh Departs

Underlay: Larry Kucharz, Engraving No. 3, Electro Engravings

*I pronounced this last name "La-heef" on the podcast and have become obsessed with the notion that it probably should be pronounced "Lay-hiff." Apologies if I was wrong, Andrew!
**It didn't occur to me until a later preview listen that this one has a double-dose of HJ Roedelius. One with Tim Story, and one with Deiter Moebius as Cluster. Enjoy!