Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hypnagogue Podcast 35

This episode begins with an easy glide from spacey electronic drifts to pieces that are more acoustically focused. A short break and then we charge into some beats, glitchwork and unusual sounds masquerading perfectly as music. A return to quietness then that lasts until the final fade.

Episode 35, "Invasive Flow"

            Har, "Missing Prototype," Obscura
12.07   Labrathisattva, "Ever Downward," The View from Down Here
19.11   Andrew Lahiff,* "New Dawn," Shapes in Clouds
30.55   Patrick Smith, "Cloud Shepherd," Scattered Hearts
34.27   Story & Roedelius, "Beforst," Inlandish
38.37   Wes Willenbring, "Aperture," Someone Somewhere Else
43.52    Jason Sloan, "forward," corruptedHorizon
50.29   Cluster, "Gissander," Qua**
57.15    Broken Harbour, "Requiem for Dead Spacemen," Broken Harbour
1.04.08 Alpha Wave Movement, "Requiem for C.S.," A Distant Signal
1.07.26 Markus Mehr, "Agenda," Lava
1.16.50 Joel Hinkle, "Quiet Moment," As the Flesh Departs

Underlay: Larry Kucharz, Engraving No. 3, Electro Engravings

*I pronounced this last name "La-heef" on the podcast and have become obsessed with the notion that it probably should be pronounced "Lay-hiff." Apologies if I was wrong, Andrew!
**It didn't occur to me until a later preview listen that this one has a double-dose of HJ Roedelius. One with Tim Story, and one with Deiter Moebius as Cluster. Enjoy!

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thirdsun said...

Nice one! You are the only other person I've ever met who listens to Larry Kucharz. I have managed to collect all his CDs. He's been a huge influence on me.

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