Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hypnagogue Podcast 38

It's a familiar flow this time around. The first set is 45 minutes of quiet, hushed drifts and deep atmospherics. Your host intervenes for a minute or two and then it's time to move with beats and a healthy dollop of funkiness. A quiet 10-minute piece takes you to the hour-twenty mark. (We shore up a little light in this one. I don't think you'll mind....)

Episode 38, "At the Sound of the Tone"
            Nathan Youngblood, "Flume," Asunder
11.10    John Vorus, "Tidepool," Transmuting Currents
15.17    Resonant Drift, "The Current," The Call
20.48    Rigel Orionis, "Drone Resemblage," The Drone Tone
26.43    Transcendent Device, "At One with Time," Architectonics & The Elaborate Construction of Meaning
32.02    Jonathan Block, "Diffract," The Anatomy of Waves
49.41    Bing Satellites, "Forever," I Heard Something in the Distance Vol 1
54.59    Dep, "Red, Blue, Green," Start Loving the Robots
1.01.25 The Smokering, "B-Girl," Mellow Majestic
1.05.47 Patrick Balthrop, "HeavyEyes," Sundowner
1.16.11 David Helpling & Jon Jenkins, "For the Fallen," The Crossing
Underlay: earWorm, "Dusting the Juggler," earWorm

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