Friday, October 29, 2010

Hypnagogue Podcast 39

This episode opens with a 56-minute set of mostly uptempo pieces, skirting the fringes of Berlin-school music and spacey grooves. From there it gets quieter, with a touch of dramatic narrative, and closes out just a trifle on the shadowy side of things.


Episode 39, "No Secrets"

            Paragate, "Cork on the Waves," Gnosis
11.29   Wharmton Rise, "Earthbound," Earthbound
17.25    Computerchemist, "Flight of 'F'," Atmospheric
26.50    Orbital Decay, "6 of 3," Drastic Park
32.59    Atomic Skunk, "One More Around Ganymede," Portal
43.00    usr/sbin, "usr/sbin," Personikal
52.59    John Luttrell, "High Clouds," The Dream Exchange
59.05    Swartz, "Late Machines," Nighttide
1.05.29 Cousin Silas, "Driftwood Polished by the Ocean," The Snow Imposed Silence
1.11.43 Scott August, "Journey of Solace," Radiant Sky
1.18.26 Erik Wollo, "There Will Be Snow," Gateway
1.26.51 Sloum, "Tenebrous Beats the Hunter's Heart," Sloum
Underlay: Brain Ballet, "Ancient Sea," Aquarium of the Deep

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