Friday, November 12, 2010

Hypnagogue Podcast 40

Like an old album, this one has two sides...a set of dark ambient followed by a set of not-so-dark ambient. And an opening bit that I still chuckle at.


Episode 40, "The Dark & The Light"

              Wolfskin/Last Industrial Estate, "Criogenic," Stonegates of Silence
9.24       Terra Sancta, "Disintegration II," Disintegration
22.17      Mystified, "The Final Gate," Passing Through the Outer Gates
29.45      Aspectee, "Betho Et," Morben
36.26      Sense Project, "Prime Mover," The Sublime
48.09      Spectra Ciera, "Faint Recollection," Accumulation Section
51.02      Dan Pound, "Point of the Laser," Interlace
1.00.29   Forrest Fang, "Distant Fires," Phantoms
1.05.34   DAC Crowell, "Red Shifted Harmonies (excerpt)," Red Shifted Harmonies
1.14.09   Larry Kucharz, "Red Wash No. 5," Ambient Red Washes
1.19.36   Max Corbacho, "Narthex (excerpt)," Ars Lucis
1.27.57   Lopside, "Tomsong," Junedecember

Underlay: Aphorism, "End of the Start," Second Statement

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