Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hypnagogue Podcast 41: Celebrating 10,000 downloads

I promise to update this entry soon with a playlist, but right now I'm just a little overwhelmed. I knew this moment was coming, but to actually see it....that's something else.

The 40 episodes of the Hypnagogue Podcast have now been downloaded more than 10,000 times. That's an average of 250 per episode, with many logging more than 300.

I wanted to thank you all for supporting the podcast, for listening, for tweeting and re-tweeting and passing along the site info. It's magnificently gratifying.

As a thank you, here's episode 41, early. It's an uninterrupted 90-minute flow, cool and quiet and deep.

I'm going to go back to staring at that "10,000" on feedburner now.

peace & power,


Episode 41, "Deploy the Temporal Stasis Field"
             Kyle Bobby Dunn, "Empty Gazing," A Young Person's Guide To...
7.04       Chris Russell, "Time Lost," Frozen
14.18     Marc Atmost, "Moonlight Water," Versatile
20.17     Deep Chill Network, Dream Companion (excerpt)
29.17     Giles Reaves, "The Unknowable," Wunjo  [not sure how to get this.]
48.04     Pascal Savy, "In Fading Light," The Endless Seasons
54.18     Austere, "Seraphim," Solyaris
1.09.35  Bob Ohrum, "While They Slept," Elevated
1.18.45  Colin Thomas, "PrairieCityAfternoon," Stones/Still

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palancar said...

Congrats John, a well deserved milestone. The Hypnagogue Podcast is excellent, and StillStream is proud to bring it to our listeners. For all the artists who you work so hard to feature, let me just say: thanks. You are a tremendous asset to the ambient genre, and I hope you keep doing what you do forever.

mara's torment said...

Congratulations on the 10000 downloads John, that's quite an impressive milestone! Of course it shouldn't be a surprise to you that it's been so popular, you have after all been doing a really awesome job of creating an excellent podcast that a lot of people totally enjoy!

Here's looking forward to many more listens, many more downloads and many more milestones!

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