Friday, December 30, 2011

Hypnagogue Podcast 71

It's the last podcast of 2011, but the first to come to you in improved 128kbps sound! This will increase your download size slightly, but I think the bump in quality will be worth it.

For this year-ending episode, I'm playing favorites--tracks from some of the discs I've quite enjoyed over the past year. Mind you, I reviewed about 125 discs in 2011, so culling it down to a dozen or so favorites wasn't easy. Some tracks come from Highly Recommended CDs, some don't. Sit back and enjoy.

Comments on the higher bitrate sound are welcome at

Episode 71

            Jason Sloan, "," (s)END
6.29     Atomic Skunk, "Sunwheel," Alchemy 
15.42   Apne Sinn, "Twinewheel," Espiritista 
21.19   Johan Agebjorn, "Swimming Through the Blue Lagoon," The Mountain Lake 
26.12   Patrick O'Hearn, "Playground," Transitions 
30.06   Herion, "Cab," Out & About 
33.35   John Sobocan, "Silence," Features of Spheres 
37.56   Meg Bowles, "Chant for A Liquid World," A Quiet Light 
49.49   Steve Roach & Brian Parnham, "Somewhere Beyond," The Desert Inbetween 
56.53   Resonant Drift, "Crossing the Threshold," Passages 
1.03.16 Forrest Fang's Sans Serif, "Chant of Urm," Unbound 
1.12.05 Ken Elkinson, "John Hughes," Music for Commuting 
1.15.17 Picture Palace Music, "Midsummer's Eve," Midsummer 
1.20.57 Venona Pers, "Ferrous," The Past is A Foreign Country
1.24.10 Bob Holroyd, "Half Light," Afterglow
1.29.22 Ministry of Inside Things, "Grateful," Everlasting Moment

Underlay: Cousin Silas, "Upstream," Adrift Off the Islets of Langerhans

Friday, December 16, 2011

Hypnagogue Podcast 70

This one stretches from one end of the spectrum to the other: guitar-driven tribal/Aztec fire from Soriah, dark-edged electronic explorations from M. Peck, electro-pop influences from Dep, meditative synth washes from Juta Takahashi, piano pieces from Connie St. Pierre and Uwe Gronau and uptempo glitch from Broken Kites. (And even more in between.) You ready?

Episode 70

              Soriah w/Ashkelon Sain, "Iix," Eztica
10.08     M. Peck, "Floating Out to See," Bodies to the Sky
17.37     Chris Russell, "Thaw," Frozen
24.26     Dan Pound, "Making Tracks," Wolf Moon
35.24     Dep, "Who Knows Where We Go From Here," Start Loving the Robots
42.16     Juta Takahashi, "Faraway," Hymn
1.01.30  Dirty Fire Project, "Hyper Coast," Second Statement
1.08.32  Marc Atmost, "Aurora Borealis," Versatile
1.15.28   Conni St. Pierre, "Under the Tundra," Mountain Spirits
1.20.26   Uwe Gronau, "Big Sky," Midsummer
1.23.09   Broken Kites, "SSDD," Generation Ships

Underlay: Loren Nerell & A Produce, "Area 51.1," Intangible

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hypnagogue Podcast 69

This time out we start with a 30-minute set of new music that ranges from uptempo electronic to jazz-inspired New Age. A break and then it's an hour on the quiet side, ending in a long, hushed drone.

Episode 69, "Or Not"

              Kodomo, "Decoder," Frozen in Motion
7.01       Elisa Luu, "22 Marz," The Time of Waiting
11.05     Mark Zampella, "Undertow," Tone Poems for Fuzzy Guitar
16.31     General Fuzz, "The Jam," Miles Tones
22.44     Darshan Ambient, "When Will My Someday Come," Dream in Blue
30.03     Wishcollapse, "Opera Incompiuta," Volume 2
38.42      Ishq, "AN," sleepMODE
48.45      Jeffrey Koepper, "Winter Space," Luminosity
55.57      Shane Morris, "Shimmering," Conception
1.04.12   Integral, "Asphalt Architecture," The Past is My Shadow
1.11.16   Apne Sinn w/Peter James, "What Rough Beast," En Seier
1.19.10   Sam Rosenthal, "The Passage" (excerpt), The Passage

Underlay: Nathan Youngblood, "Kanashibari," Asunder

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hypnagogue Podcast 68

Click into 90 minutes of quiet music that begins with, appropriately enough, something from Quiet Music. A track from the restored and reissued Steve Roach classic starts the flow and stays in a hushed state from there. This one is perfect for winding down, meditating or just drifting through the day. And I promise I won't say anything until the very end.

Episode 68, "Shhhhh...."

              Steve Roach, "Quiet Canon," Quiet Music 3
7.25       Chris Russell & Disturbed Earth, "Leaves on Trees," The Approaching Armada
15.46     Igneous Flame, "Luna," Ion
22.41     Stephen Phillips, "Heavenly Ascension," Lightness of Being
32.15     Synthesist, "Heart Chakra," Dream Slate
37.40     Phillip Wilkerson, "Nightwatchers I," The Way Home
52.07     Bob Holroyd, "Mirror Lakes," Afterglow*
55.38     Justin Vanderberg, "67," Synthetic Memories
1.03.21  Claus Gahrn & Tim Risher, "Ocean Heart," Musical Sculptures
1.11.11  Ken Elkinson, "Solenka," Music for Commuting
1.15.04  Gregory Reeves, "Anemone," Photic
1.19.02  Lucette Bourdin, "To Paint the Rose," Golden Sun

*Just realized I may have referred to this as Bob Holroyd's "debut" CD. Not the case. Mr Holroyd has a number of releases available. Apologies for the mix-up.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Hypnagogue Podcast 67

An interesting blend of things this time out. More to the point, straightforward instrumentals paired against pieces that are less structured and a little more experimental. So maybe this experiment works for you and...maybe it doesn't. Comments are always welcome.


Episode 67, "wHere we are"
              Wharmton Rise, "Will I Dream?", Contrary Emotion
4.55        Guy Birkin, "Mirror Within Mirror," Symmetry-Breaking
9.03        Picture Palace Music, "Right of Ascension," Midsummer
16.26      Grindlestone, "Elevator Music for a Silent Hotel," Tone
21.42      Uwe Gronau, "Gliding Flight," Midsummer
24.58      Twilight Transmissions, "Tenebrous," Subterranean
30.46      Balligomingo, "Under An Endless Sky," Under An Endless Sky
35.07      Biomass, "Aquapolar," Energy
45.02      Level Pi, "Level Pi 3.14," Entrance
55.42      Sense Project, "Mantis Religiosa," The Sublime
1.00.37   Christopher Lapina, "My Darling Esmerelda," Eclectic Eve
1.06.15   Darren Harper, "Lattice," Whispers
1.16.46   Radium 88, "The Man Who Invented Himself," Only Science Can Tell Us the Truth
1.21.55   Rigel Orionis, "Drones Don't Die," The Drone Tone
1.28.26   Wes Willenbring, "As You Fade Away," Close, But Not Too Close

Underlay: Viridian Sun, "Four Times I Slept for a Year," Infinite In All Directions

A random and virtually pointless note: This episode happens to contain tracks from two releases called "Midsummer" and two tracks by men named Uwe. That's a first.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Hypnagogue Podcast 66

I got about 35 minutes into this flow, piecing it together for you from the rhythmic starting point of the Patrick O'Hearn cut, and I was going to break in for a little voice over and then shift direction. Along comes the track from Janne Hanhisuanto's new disc, and it totally derails my plan. From there, it just took on a life of its own. Toward the end of the Atomic Skunk track I found a perfect spot to ease out from beats to drifts, and the 'cast finished up with shadows and hushed tones. Enjoy the ride.

Episode 66, "If You've Never Seen a Hypnagogue Podcast..."

              Patrick O'Hearn, "Well-Mannered," Transitions
5.56       Anawaty/Russel, "Rainy Day Diva," Monjour 
11.48     AOMyusic, "In Lake;ch," ...And Love Rages On!
17.31     Dave Preston, "The Blood in Your Veins," Soundtrack for Motion
23.00     Stand Alone Complex, "Don't Be Gone Long," Music for Suicides
29.37     Janne Hanhisuanto, Circles in 3D, Part 3
34.49     Canartic, "One Drop," Headphone Test
47.27     Brannan Lane & Biff Johnson, "Waning Moon," Distant Friends
55.54     Steve Roach & vidnaObmana, "Spires," InnerZone
1.06.28  The Nebulae, "Devotion," Path of White Clouds
1.18.51  C. Paradisi, "Celestial," Conception

Underlay: Bruno Sanfilippo & Mathias Grassow, Cromo, Part 4

Friday, October 7, 2011

Hypnagogue Podcast 65

Charge into this one with the engines wide open--we're up to speed right off the bat. (Been sort of on the downtempo side lately. Let's get the blood running.) Second half smooths out and quiets back down.

Episode 65
              Twiggy and the K-Mesons, "The Right Place," Technique
5.53       Displacer, "Radioactive," Night Gallery
9.53       Tapage & Meander, "Oceanographic," Etched in Salt
15.34     Frame, "Other Directions," Vision
20.50     Nattefrost, "Draconian," Dying Sun/Scarlet Moon*
26.27     Drifting in Silence, "Fixer," Lifesounds
32.24     Lazzich, "Karmayoniz," 360kH
39.46     Darren Keck, "Nap Heist," 7 Years Under
47.56     Cousin Silas, "Tarnscape," Adrift Off the Islets of the Langerhans
55.43     Giles Reaves, "Submerged," Sea of Glass (out of print)
1.05.43  Mingo, "Translation of Lost Consciousness," The Light That Bends
1.12.08  Salt Lake Electric Ensemble, In C (excerpt)
1.22.28  Larry Kucharz, "Binary Funeral IA42," Unit IA42

Underlay: Ken Elkinson, "The Thin Veil," Music for Commuting

*By virtue of sloppy book-keeping on my part, "Draconian" becomes one of the few tracks,
if not the only track, I've accidentally played twice. It wasn't in my semi-trusty playlist spreadsheet. But it's a great track, so no worries there!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hypnagogue Podcast 64

Now and then I end up putting podcasts together later at night, picking sounds and building sets in the dark by the glow of the monitor. This episode is one of those. The later it got, the deeper the sounds went until I had constructed something cool and smooth and shadowy, a place to hide away for 90 minutes. Have no fear. I promise to bring you back to the surface by the end


Episode 64
             Jason.Sloan, "(s)END," (s)END
9.25       Erik Wollo, excerpt from Silent Currents
15.52     Lucette Bourdin, "Moveless Fish," Silver Moon
25.36     Art Bleek, "Sleeping Society," Sleeping Society
31.42     Phillip Wilkerson, "The Adagio for Dreamers," The Way Home
42.06     Mara's Torment, "Stasis," Fluctuations
51.42     Szymon Kaliski, "Or Gently," For Isolated Recollections
58.20     Talvihorros, "Delta," Descent Into Delta
1.06.57  Cathart, "A Nearby Friend," Isoceles
1.12.50  John Koch-Northrup, "Movement in Glass," Temporal Arc
1.20.32  Ministry of Inside Things, "Nightscene," Contact Point

Underlay: The Current, "Crossfield," Communion

Friday, September 16, 2011

Hypnagogue Podcast 63--Celebrating 20,000 Downloads!

This past weekend, the podcast logged its 20,000th download. Truly amazing. That's 10,000 downloads in eight months! I wanted to take the time to thank everyone who listens, whether you've only recently climbed on board or if you've been along for the ride for a while now. The response still genuinely amazes me and makes this all the more fun to do. Blessings also to the artists who subject their music to my questionable opinion and who let me air their art. I do hope people are hunting you out after hearing your work on the 'cast.

So this one's for you folks--the kind, unseen audience who keep me going. Enjoy the ride.

Episode 63
              Tange, "Psylence II," Conception 
10.09     Deiter Moebius, "Temperate," Blotch
13.41     Kyron, "Viator," Perdurabo
17.27     Subterrestrial, "A Walk Along the Bank," Nature Is Infinite
23.54     Bing Satellites, "Realise," I Head Something In The Distance, Vol 1
39.49     The Oo-Ray, "Chimes At Midnight," Astoria
42.44     Manitou, "Remembering That Afternoon Downtown," All Points North
51.17     Justin Vanderberg, "Temporal Extraction," In Waking Moments
1.12.11  Jonathan Badger, "His Face Like Glass to the Touch," Unsung Stories from Lily's Days As A Solar Astronaut
1.16.46  The Smokering, "Internal Affairs," Mellow Majestic
1.23.58  Neuron Dreamtime, "Sacral Extortion," I Am My Own Mushroom
Underlay: Andrew Lahiff, "August Dreams," Shapes in Clouds

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hypnagogue Podcast 62

A darkly meditative flow, a shifting course through shadowy places. Find the space to give yourself over to this one. I'd say more, but I'd be keeping you from your journey. It's time to go.

Episode 62
               Penjaga Insaf, "Pelamun," Sama SaDJa
5.56        Dentist, "Scrolling," Cuts
12.14      Rasalhague, "Danielle's Dilemma (Her Release)," Rage Inside the Window
20.00      Kalte, "Harbig-Haro Object," Fissures
26.17      Cyberchump, "Dread," Their Moment of Perfect Happiness
36.16      id Submerged, "Moni," The Answer
43.28      Joe Frawley, "Skywriting/An Extremely Tiny Box," Carnival
50.50      Ran Kirlian, "Dark Matter," Dissolution
1.02.33   Leonardo Rosado, "The Sun Still Rises," For R
1.16.29   Claus Gahrn & Tim Risher, "No One Wants to Go to Jail for Things," Musical Sculptures
1.24.38   Sleeping Me, "Here in the North," Cradlesongs
1.28.47   Tim Story, "Homage," Collected

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hypnagogue Podcast 61

Don't operate heavy machinery while listening to this episode. Six long-form pieces, each falling in the 14-16 minute range, make for a mostly calm and quiet flow. Close listening reveals the depth and texture within; casual listening simply relaxes. Carve out 90 well-deserved minutes for yourself and hit "Start." Enjoy the journey.

Episode 61
              Apne Sinn, "Arclight," Espiritista
14.37     Paul Ellis, "From Out of the Vast Comes Nearness," From Out of the Vast Comes Nearness
29.48     Brannan Lane & Ashera, "Sextant," Sextant
44.58     Emerald Adrift, "Nelumbo," The Blue Flower
1.00.52  Lokua, "While She Slept," Water Rock
1.14.42  Max Corbacho, "Light-Matrix Portal," Ars Lucis

Underlay: Tomorrow's Man, "Doomsday Divine," Conception (compilation)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hypnagogue Podcast 60

A pair of journeys for you this time, friends. Following a skein that streamed outward from the first track, I found myself moving in a quiet, acoustic line with a focus on piano. This section spins into a hushed place somewhere near a distant dusk, leading to a short break. Yes, I'm back to talk in the middle this time. But it's only so you can move more smoothly into the second set, a much more ambient trek that plies the shadows for sounds and whispers before lifting itself up to finish in a place of--well, to be honest, ass-kicking power.


Episode 60

              Runningonair, "East to West," UnSelected Works
6.11       Jeff Greinke, Partial Light, Virga
12.09     Seamus O'Muinechain, "My Negative," Conflicts at the Sermon
15.02     Josh Johnston, "Asylum Harbor," The Shape of Things
19.01     Beyond Absence, "A Short Moment Before the Seizure," Heritage 
26.33     Dwight Ashley, "I Saw A Thousand Swallows," Four 
37.26     Numina, "Fluid Red," Subterranean Landscapes 
48.14     Nathan Youngblood, "Underland," Asunder
54.31     Igneous Flame, "Toward A Silent World," Orcus
1.03.40  Siddhartha Barnhoon, "Foundations," Pillars of Light
1.09.21  Ephemeral Mists, "Moon Ritual," Moon Ritual
1.18.09  Computerchemist, "Tantric Race," Aqual Measure

Underlay: Silvercord, "Bioluminescence Pt 6," Bioluminescence

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hypnagogue Podcast 59

This is one you'll dive deeply into, warm-water drifts spiraling downward, punctuated with touches of beat. Eyes closed, headphones on, please. It's the best way to enjoy the voyage.

Episode 59, "Another Uninterrupted Flow...Honestly."

             Praguedren, "Neon Green Skies," Aurora Australis
8.34       Dreamhub, "Galaxias," Moments in Space
16.22     Eyes Cast Down, "Exquisite Patterns of Divination," Conception (comp.)
27.32     Burning Artist, "BurningFreeFalling," Conception (comp.)
35.30     Craig Padilla/Zero Ohms/Skip Murphy, "Oceans of the Heavens," Beyond the Portal*
50.43     Above the Skyline, "Somber Polaris," Ocean Poetry
55.04     Arterial Flow, "Venus Red," Arterial Flow
1.00.51  Stendeck, "Learning to Walk Through Walls," Scintilla
1.06.12  Mara's Torment, "Resolution," Dexterity
1.16.07  Andrew Lahiff, "Night of Fallen Stars," Cosmic Archaeology
1.26.52  Slow Dancing Society, "The Warm and Familiar Smell of September," The Sound of Lights When Dim

Underlay: John Vorus, "Cove," Transmuting Currents

*During the podcast I mistakenly credited this track only to Craig; I left off Zero and Skip. My apologies!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hypnagogue Podcast 58

Where shall we go this time? Through mostly quiet spaces, I think, with a brief stop on the borders of darkness, just so we have a chance to peer within. (Let's not get too close. That's for another day.) At the end you'll emerge into a misty, melodic zone and finish in a burst of electric neo-jazz.

Episode 58, "No Introduction, No Interruptions"
1.11          Ken Elkinson, "Glass House," Music for Commuting
4.34          Darren Rogers, "Celestial Voices from the Heavens," The Ancients
16.33        Deborah Martin, "Blue Lake," Deep Roots, Hidden Water
23.12        A Produce & Loren Nerell, "Meadow Dusst," Intangible
29.18        Chad Hoefler, "In A Marooned Moment," Twilight in the Offing
38.05        Blood Box, "Oracle of Babylon," Funeral in an Empty Room
46.20        M. Peck, "Let There Be Dark," Bodies to the Sky
55.08        Resonant Drift, "Departure," Passages
1.03.38     Aaron Marshall, "Skinned," Magnificent Accident
1.10.24     Canartic, "Cleveland (Buzz)," Modulotion
1.19.42     Anawaty/Russell, "The Enigmatic Smile Upon Her Lips of Beauty," Monjour
1.27.48     N-qia, "Frosty," Qia Songs

Friday, July 1, 2011

Hypnagogue Podcast 57

If you're not a fan of opening bits, you'll want to jump to the 2:00 mark. That's when the ride starts this time, a mostly laid-back blend that starts with solo piano. A lot of new music in this one, a lot of interesting sonic spaces to explore.

Episode 57, "Meet Amby"
2.02         Michele De Wilton, "Winterbluegreen," Daydream
6.42         Cometa, "Simplicity (Wave 12)," Minimal Way
13.51       Steve Rose, "Those Who Remain," The Diminishing Day
20.29       Steve Brand, "Morning Glory," Avatara
32.19       Shane Morris, "Twilight Returns," Equinox
42.37       Steve Roach, "Off Planet Passage," Live at Soundquest
57.38       Ben Cox, "Merganser," On Water
1.04.30    Off Land, "Open," The Ends
1.10.14    Jane's Scenic Drive, "Love Never Fails," Beautiful Reminders
1.21.22    Ian Boddy/Parallel Worlds, "Entwined," Exit Strategy
1.28.38    Benjamin Dauer, "Neon Shroud," sleepMODE
Underlay: Somnarium, "Nimrod," Frost

Friday, June 17, 2011

Hypnagogue Podcast 56--2 Years on the Air!

The podcast is two years old! To celebrate, I've taken favorite tracks from CDs I've reviewed in the last year and lined them up into a nice flow. And if you think it was easy to pick 13 CDs out of roughly 115...

My thanks go out to my listeners and to the wonderful artists who send their music for review. Without all of you, there is no Hypnagogue Podcast. So hang on. Here we go.

Episode 56

               Boc Scadet, "Seaem," Temporary Oceans
5.58        Dave Preston, "Sweet Sound of Escape," Soundtrack for Motion
10.52      Har, "Obscura," Obscura
15.58      David Helpling & Jon Jenkins, "To the Ends of the Earth," The Crossing
24.12      Swartz, "Mid-Day Bells," Nighttide
32.01      Igneous Flame, "Earth Metal," Ion
44.46      Apne Sinn, "Advaita," Espiritista
50.07      Darshan Ambient, "A Deeper Blue," A Day Within Days
57.23      Ann Licater, "Wind & Butterfly II," Doorway to a Dream
1.02.44   Hollan Homes, "Mist and Myth," A Distant Light
1.11.40   Howard Ferre, "Wax Branches," Journey's End
1.11.53   Venona Pers, "An Ending," The Past is a Foreign Country
1.24.15   Bruno Sanfilippo, "Pulsum Sacrum," Subliminal Pulse

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hypnagogue Podcast 55

You're mostly on your own this time. I don't show up until the end, just to to tell you what you've heard. But don't worry--the ride's smooth and easy for the most part, with just the right degree of sequencer turbulence to make things fun. A lot of new music in these 90 minutes, with fresh offerings from The Post Riot Era, Sensitive Chaos, Michael Sandler, Arcticology and more. (That's what playlists are for.) Get quiet, get ready . . . go.

Episode 55, "The Mantra of Departure"

               The Post Riot Era, "Your Plan, My Work, Your Payoff," On Zero Sum Living
7.58        Johan Agebjorn, "Zero Gravitation," The Mountain Lake     
17.42      Michael Sandler, "Soft Comprehension," Ansatz
29.07      Arcticology, "Awakening," Athena
33.06      Sensitive Chaos, "A Piece of Stars," Seeker After Patterns
38.43      Steve Roach & Erik Wollo, "Travel by Moonlight," The Road Eternal
48.27, "Stratocumulus," AtmoSphere
53.52      Altus, "Light Traveler," The Grand Expanse
1.05.59   Matt Borghi, "Leaving the Gates of the Inner Harbor," Huronic Minor
1.10.37   James Johnson, "Entering Twilight" (excerpt), Entering Twilight

Underlay: James Murray, "Foureightsix," The Miracle of Transport

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hypnagogue Podcast 54

Don't be afraid; this one may start out a little aggressive and it does wander into experimental spaces a bit, but after a short set of that things quiet down and even pick up a beat or two. New music is nicely represented and an old fave makes a much-awaited comeback. Enjoy.

Episode 54

               Olekranon, "Brng Yvwh," Bilial
3.15        Dolmen, "Magick," Incantations Vol 2
7.23        Pang, "Lost Pictures," Garden of Menace
13.43      Parhelion, "A Lament for Whales," Midnight Sun
19.25      Joe Frawley, "Mirrors," Speak of This to No One
26.19      John Broaddus, "SFMOMA-San Francisco," Afield
38.37      Broken Harbour, "Redshift," Broken Harbour
49.37      Uwe Gronau, "Secret Meeting (2)," Midsummer
55.35      Cyberchump & Janzyk, "Dreams Groove," Regrooved
1.02.39   Drifting in Silence, "Existence," Lifesounds
1.08.41   Jeffrey Koepper, "Ice Flow," Arctisonia
1.14.23   Lethsomn, "Engulfed in Red Clouds," Phantom Channel Presents

Underlay: Computerchemist, "Music for Earthquakes"

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hypnagogue Podcast 53

Here comes an uninterrupted flow. I kept this one mostly on the quiet side, with a nice dose of new music (Atomic Skunk, John Sobocan, Daren Keck, Time Being, among others) along with some recent downloads of older stuff (Andrew Lahiff) and a couple from back-when (Aron Kirk, Jim Cole & Spectral Voices). A deep breath and we're on our way.

Episode 53, "The Results Are In"

               Atomic Skunk, "Serpent and Rose," Alchemy
7.31        Dan Pound, "Liquid Body," Medusazoa
19.33      Time Being, "Dust of Sorts," A Dimension Reflected
28.43      John Sobocan, "Driving My Mailbox," Features of Spheres
35.35      Daren Keck, "October Winds," 7 Years Under
41.44      Jim Cole/Spectral Voices, "All Within Your Heart & Mind," Innertones
45.57      Andrew Lahiff, "Begins Eternal Dreaming," Six Trees in the Colony
55.43      Etokle, "Het Mechanische Gebled Van de Slaap," The Golden Bear & Other Works
1.04.31   Gregory Reeves, "Below," Photic
1.09.58   John Koch-Northrup, "Sleeping," Brave New World (comp)
1.14.44   Aron Kirk, "Victimisation," Brick Circus
1.19.47   Amongst Myselves, "Morning in the Bowl of Night," Fragments

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hypnagogue Podcast 52

Two long sets in this one, split around the 40-minute mark. A mix of music and styles (isn't it always?).

Episode 52, "The One Called Episode 52"
             Planet Boelex, "The Sailor's Dilemma," Raja
6.41      Disparition, "Ratchathewi," Neukrk
13.10    Meg Bowles, "Forest Glade," A Quiet Light
23.48    I've Lost, "Ghosts in the Wind," Scath M'anam
30.47    Andreas Mannchen, "Molecular Stream," Float
36.58    Josh Johnston, "Atlantic," The Shape of Things
44.30    Pearson Constantino, "Windows, Open, Rain," Re:@
48.38    Vox Populi, "Koro Song," Mystic Entertainment
51.51    Enabl.ed, "Batterybank," Saccharine Morning
54.46    Atoms, "OnSpiderPark," I Heard Something in the Distance, V1
1.05.47 Chris Russell & Disturbed Earth, "Clutching at Straws," Approaching Armada
1.13.48 Ran Kirlian, "The End of Existence," Limbo
1.19.21 Metcalf/Khalsa/Roach, "Thunder Walk," Dream Tracker
Underlay: Lucette Bourdin, "She Peers, and Sees," Silver Moon

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hypnagogue Podcast 51

A cool flow for you this time around. As I was trying to move from one track to the next, I seemed to keep turning to new music. I get a steady flow of new material in all the time, and I seem to be in one of those places where a strong portion of it is quite good. We'll take it all in this time, from spaceborne flows to glitchy beats and pieces that just play with the question of what sound is. Ready?

Episode 51, "The Show with the Area 51 Reference at the Beginning"
                Ambient Fabric, "Sphere I," In Space
4.20         Synoiz, "Andromeda," Ambients 
6.56         Mikronesia, "Moon Pebble," Sick With Silence 
11.29       Petal, "When She Loved Me," Up From Here
19.51       Bruno Sanfilippo, "Slipped Time," Subliminal Pulse 
27.03       Venona Pers, "Hideaway Beach," The Past Is A Foreign Country
31.02       Antonymes, "A Fragile Acceptance," The Licence to Interpret Dreams 
39.24       Resonant Drift, "Beyond the Vision," Passages
44.32       Connie St. Pierre, "Rivulet," Mountain Spirits
50.31       Forest Fang/Sans Serif, "A Silver Season," Unbound
1.03.36    Kyle Bobby Dunn, "Movement for the Completely Fucked," Ways of Meaning
1.20.38    Steve Roach, "Circadian Rhythms Phase 2 (exc)," Immersion:5
Underlay: Beed and Fascia, "Lila's Dance," sleepMODE (compilation)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Hypnagogue Podcast 50

I decided to take the week off, and asked my iTunes to host for me. So it shuffled through the library and picked out a nice set of music for you.

(In case you're wondering, yes--I actually did hit shuffle and let the computer decide. I edited two of its choices, for reasons I can't recall at the moment, but let everything else stand.)

Episode 50, "The iTunes Takeover"

               Lopside, "The Shallow End," 37
7.44        MusSck, "Monster City," Digital Ninja
10.35      Austere, " La Capella Reservado," Remittance
18.17      Sensitive Chaos, "Nightshift at the Baby Mecha Nursery," Leak
23.17      Jason Sloan, "sunset.withoutADawn," corruptedHorizon
29.43      Altus, "Amid Dreams (excerpt)," Excursion 
43.45      Tim Story & HJ Roedelius, "Beforst," Inlandish
47.56      Wharmton Rise, "Downtown Desolation," EarthBound
52.33      Stephen Phillips, "Awoke With Wonder," Fugue States Vol. 1
57.07      Ministry of Inside Things, "While the Rest of the World Sleeps," The Gatherings Vol 1
1.02.50   Canartic, "Bassic 1," Headphone Test
1.07.27   dreamSTATE, "The Storm Within," A Decade Dreaming
1.12.14   Cyberchump, "On the Ice," Sankhara
1.18.39   Parallel Worlds, "Interlude," Obsessive Surrealism
1.20.47   Integral, "Back Here Alone," Rise
1.27.31   Northcape, "Into Sunlight," Captured From Static

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hypnagogue Podcast 49

A 90-minute excursion for your listening pleasure. That's about the best I can offer you by way of explanation this time around!

Episode 49, "The Lingering Spectre of Death & His Brother Tim"

               Ashley + Story, "Motion Carried," A Desperate Serenity
4.59        Giles Reaves, "Velvet Shade," Nothing Is Lost
11.01      Ron Boots & Synth NL, "Orage d'ete," Refuge en Verre
19.07      Tribe of Astronauts, "Digital Space Birds," As Cold As Space
24.57      Beyond Absence, "Lighthouse Keeper's Insomnia Suite II," Mood Report
30.00      Cathart, "Hearth & Home," Isoceles
38.46      Human Metronome, "Makoto," The Child Set Free
50.48      Igneous Flame, "Iridium," Ion
58.31      Field Rotation & Mari Solis, "Lament," A Brave New World
1.04.47   Hollan Holmes, "Drift," A Distant Light
1.14.11   Dub Jay, "Remain Down (Cycle Never Changes)," AMFM
1.17.25   Stand Alone Complex, "I Spend My Days in A Decaying Orbit," Music for Suicides
1.21.15   Brokenkites, "Hive," Generation Ships

Underlay: Mara's Torment, "Under Starlit Skies," Across for Show...

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hypnagogue Podcast 48

I had already put about 35 minutes of music into this podcast's flow when I read about the passing of musician Lucette Bourdin. A lot of ambient podcasters, broadcasters and streamers have dedicated shows to her and her excellent music--some as long as 4 or 5 hours! Me, I decided to keep the flow I'd already laid down and then add a short stretch of Lucette's wonderful creations as a tribute. I highly recommend you search out her music if you're not familiar with it. And I say that fully recognizing the irony of the recommendation coming after she's left us. You will, however, be richly rewarded as a listener when you go find her work.

We begin with beats, switch over to Lucette's memory, and finish quietly.

Episode 48

              Picture Palace Music, "Midsummer's Day," Midsummer
5.59       Boy is Fiction, "As Far From Here As Possible," Broadcasts in Colour
12.03     Undermathic, "I Remember," 10:10pm 
20.10     Runningonair, "In Search of W," Selected Works, 94-00
27.44     CH District, "Conclusion," Conclusion the Album
36.16     Lucette Bourdin, "Walks the Night," Silver Moon
43.42     Lucette Bourdin, "More Thick Than Rain," Golden Sun
53.19     Lucette Bourdin, "Look Up to Outer Vastness" (exc), Radiant Stars
1.08.20  Lucette Bourdin, "Cathedral Jam," Drum-Atic Atmosopheres
1.20.59  Beta Cloud, "What Dreams May Come," sleepMODE (compilation)

Underlay: Bruno Sanfilippo & Mathias Grassow, "Cromo 4," Cromo

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hypnagogue Podcast 47

This New England winter has put a beating on me. Between oppressive snow and damage to Hypnagogue HQ (aka: My House) from ice dams, your host has grown weary. What this means for you is that you get to ease on in and completely (ahem) chill with Lazy Podcast #2. Long, quiet tracks perfect for staring blankly out into a snow-slammed landscape. If you happen to live in one. Otherwise, just enjoy!

Episode 47, "Lazy Podcast 2"

            Juta Takahashi, "Continua Shift," Silence 
15.25    Silvercord, "" (Infinity), Cronosleeps
27.41    Numina, "Symbol Script," Sound Symbols
40.59    Zero Ohms, "Lovingly Standing Back," Atma-Spheric Surfaces
52.40    Austere, "Track 10," Remittance
1.04.26 Har, "Blue Searchlight," Obscura
1.17.52 Jeffrey Koepper, "While We Slept," Etherea

(No underlay)