Friday, January 14, 2011

Hypnagogue Podcast 45

An uninterrupted flow to begin the year, a gift of peace & power for the digital tribe.

The blood of my tribe runs
     in ones and zeroes,
Electronic pulse that
the ages.
Analog prayers in a
    digital format,
We inhale tradition and export the future
And show
   through our songs
          and our sounds
               and our psalms
A simple immutable truth
Which is this:

That you cannot truly
    know where you are
If you will not
           look back
to see
    where you've been.

Episode 45, "Prayers for a Digital Tribe"

            Byron Metcalf, "Primordial Recognition," Not Without Risk
8.58      Chad Kettering, "Earth Beat I," Voices of the Ancients
14.12     Dan Pound, "Ancient Spirit," Wolf Moon
20.55     Deborah Martin & Erik Wollo, "The Thunder and The Water," Between Worlds
26.50     Ann Licater, "Wind and Butterfly II," Doorway to A Dream
32.15     Scott August, "Since the Stars Fell," Radiant Sky 
36.22     Sky, "Gingi," The Twins
39.44     Arrocata, "The Dutchman," In the Distance
50.14     Suspended Memories, "Earth Island," Earth Island
58.21     Brian Parnham, "Blaze to the Canyon," Between Here and There
1.00.25  Terra Ambient, "Wanderlust," Wanderlust 
1.08.25  Brannan Lane & Tom Larson, "Calling the Gods, Pt 1," Tribal Spirit
1.14.38  Steve Roach, "Late Dawn," Early Man Decomposed

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