Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hypnagogue Podcast 48

I had already put about 35 minutes of music into this podcast's flow when I read about the passing of musician Lucette Bourdin. A lot of ambient podcasters, broadcasters and streamers have dedicated shows to her and her excellent music--some as long as 4 or 5 hours! Me, I decided to keep the flow I'd already laid down and then add a short stretch of Lucette's wonderful creations as a tribute. I highly recommend you search out her music if you're not familiar with it. And I say that fully recognizing the irony of the recommendation coming after she's left us. You will, however, be richly rewarded as a listener when you go find her work.

We begin with beats, switch over to Lucette's memory, and finish quietly.

Episode 48

              Picture Palace Music, "Midsummer's Day," Midsummer
5.59       Boy is Fiction, "As Far From Here As Possible," Broadcasts in Colour
12.03     Undermathic, "I Remember," 10:10pm 
20.10     Runningonair, "In Search of W," Selected Works, 94-00
27.44     CH District, "Conclusion," Conclusion the Album
36.16     Lucette Bourdin, "Walks the Night," Silver Moon
43.42     Lucette Bourdin, "More Thick Than Rain," Golden Sun
53.19     Lucette Bourdin, "Look Up to Outer Vastness" (exc), Radiant Stars
1.08.20  Lucette Bourdin, "Cathedral Jam," Drum-Atic Atmosopheres
1.20.59  Beta Cloud, "What Dreams May Come," sleepMODE (compilation)

Underlay: Bruno Sanfilippo & Mathias Grassow, "Cromo 4," Cromo

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