Friday, March 25, 2011

Hypnagogue Podcast 50

I decided to take the week off, and asked my iTunes to host for me. So it shuffled through the library and picked out a nice set of music for you.

(In case you're wondering, yes--I actually did hit shuffle and let the computer decide. I edited two of its choices, for reasons I can't recall at the moment, but let everything else stand.)

Episode 50, "The iTunes Takeover"

               Lopside, "The Shallow End," 37
7.44        MusSck, "Monster City," Digital Ninja
10.35      Austere, " La Capella Reservado," Remittance
18.17      Sensitive Chaos, "Nightshift at the Baby Mecha Nursery," Leak
23.17      Jason Sloan, "sunset.withoutADawn," corruptedHorizon
29.43      Altus, "Amid Dreams (excerpt)," Excursion 
43.45      Tim Story & HJ Roedelius, "Beforst," Inlandish
47.56      Wharmton Rise, "Downtown Desolation," EarthBound
52.33      Stephen Phillips, "Awoke With Wonder," Fugue States Vol. 1
57.07      Ministry of Inside Things, "While the Rest of the World Sleeps," The Gatherings Vol 1
1.02.50   Canartic, "Bassic 1," Headphone Test
1.07.27   dreamSTATE, "The Storm Within," A Decade Dreaming
1.12.14   Cyberchump, "On the Ice," Sankhara
1.18.39   Parallel Worlds, "Interlude," Obsessive Surrealism
1.20.47   Integral, "Back Here Alone," Rise
1.27.31   Northcape, "Into Sunlight," Captured From Static

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hypnagogue Podcast 49

A 90-minute excursion for your listening pleasure. That's about the best I can offer you by way of explanation this time around!

Episode 49, "The Lingering Spectre of Death & His Brother Tim"

               Ashley + Story, "Motion Carried," A Desperate Serenity
4.59        Giles Reaves, "Velvet Shade," Nothing Is Lost
11.01      Ron Boots & Synth NL, "Orage d'ete," Refuge en Verre
19.07      Tribe of Astronauts, "Digital Space Birds," As Cold As Space
24.57      Beyond Absence, "Lighthouse Keeper's Insomnia Suite II," Mood Report
30.00      Cathart, "Hearth & Home," Isoceles
38.46      Human Metronome, "Makoto," The Child Set Free
50.48      Igneous Flame, "Iridium," Ion
58.31      Field Rotation & Mari Solis, "Lament," A Brave New World
1.04.47   Hollan Holmes, "Drift," A Distant Light
1.14.11   Dub Jay, "Remain Down (Cycle Never Changes)," AMFM
1.17.25   Stand Alone Complex, "I Spend My Days in A Decaying Orbit," Music for Suicides
1.21.15   Brokenkites, "Hive," Generation Ships

Underlay: Mara's Torment, "Under Starlit Skies," Across for Show...