Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hypnagogue Podcast 52

Two long sets in this one, split around the 40-minute mark. A mix of music and styles (isn't it always?).

Episode 52, "The One Called Episode 52"
             Planet Boelex, "The Sailor's Dilemma," Raja
6.41      Disparition, "Ratchathewi," Neukrk
13.10    Meg Bowles, "Forest Glade," A Quiet Light
23.48    I've Lost, "Ghosts in the Wind," Scath M'anam
30.47    Andreas Mannchen, "Molecular Stream," Float
36.58    Josh Johnston, "Atlantic," The Shape of Things
44.30    Pearson Constantino, "Windows, Open, Rain," Re:@
48.38    Vox Populi, "Koro Song," Mystic Entertainment
51.51    Enabl.ed, "Batterybank," Saccharine Morning
54.46    Atoms, "OnSpiderPark," I Heard Something in the Distance, V1
1.05.47 Chris Russell & Disturbed Earth, "Clutching at Straws," Approaching Armada
1.13.48 Ran Kirlian, "The End of Existence," Limbo
1.19.21 Metcalf/Khalsa/Roach, "Thunder Walk," Dream Tracker
Underlay: Lucette Bourdin, "She Peers, and Sees," Silver Moon

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hypnagogue Podcast 51

A cool flow for you this time around. As I was trying to move from one track to the next, I seemed to keep turning to new music. I get a steady flow of new material in all the time, and I seem to be in one of those places where a strong portion of it is quite good. We'll take it all in this time, from spaceborne flows to glitchy beats and pieces that just play with the question of what sound is. Ready?

Episode 51, "The Show with the Area 51 Reference at the Beginning"
                Ambient Fabric, "Sphere I," In Space
4.20         Synoiz, "Andromeda," Ambients 
6.56         Mikronesia, "Moon Pebble," Sick With Silence 
11.29       Petal, "When She Loved Me," Up From Here
19.51       Bruno Sanfilippo, "Slipped Time," Subliminal Pulse 
27.03       Venona Pers, "Hideaway Beach," The Past Is A Foreign Country
31.02       Antonymes, "A Fragile Acceptance," The Licence to Interpret Dreams 
39.24       Resonant Drift, "Beyond the Vision," Passages
44.32       Connie St. Pierre, "Rivulet," Mountain Spirits
50.31       Forest Fang/Sans Serif, "A Silver Season," Unbound
1.03.36    Kyle Bobby Dunn, "Movement for the Completely Fucked," Ways of Meaning
1.20.38    Steve Roach, "Circadian Rhythms Phase 2 (exc)," Immersion:5
Underlay: Beed and Fascia, "Lila's Dance," sleepMODE (compilation)