Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hypnagogue Podcast 54

Don't be afraid; this one may start out a little aggressive and it does wander into experimental spaces a bit, but after a short set of that things quiet down and even pick up a beat or two. New music is nicely represented and an old fave makes a much-awaited comeback. Enjoy.

Episode 54

               Olekranon, "Brng Yvwh," Bilial
3.15        Dolmen, "Magick," Incantations Vol 2
7.23        Pang, "Lost Pictures," Garden of Menace
13.43      Parhelion, "A Lament for Whales," Midnight Sun
19.25      Joe Frawley, "Mirrors," Speak of This to No One
26.19      John Broaddus, "SFMOMA-San Francisco," Afield
38.37      Broken Harbour, "Redshift," Broken Harbour
49.37      Uwe Gronau, "Secret Meeting (2)," Midsummer
55.35      Cyberchump & Janzyk, "Dreams Groove," Regrooved
1.02.39   Drifting in Silence, "Existence," Lifesounds
1.08.41   Jeffrey Koepper, "Ice Flow," Arctisonia
1.14.23   Lethsomn, "Engulfed in Red Clouds," Phantom Channel Presents

Underlay: Computerchemist, "Music for Earthquakes"

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hypnagogue Podcast 53

Here comes an uninterrupted flow. I kept this one mostly on the quiet side, with a nice dose of new music (Atomic Skunk, John Sobocan, Daren Keck, Time Being, among others) along with some recent downloads of older stuff (Andrew Lahiff) and a couple from back-when (Aron Kirk, Jim Cole & Spectral Voices). A deep breath and we're on our way.

Episode 53, "The Results Are In"

               Atomic Skunk, "Serpent and Rose," Alchemy
7.31        Dan Pound, "Liquid Body," Medusazoa
19.33      Time Being, "Dust of Sorts," A Dimension Reflected
28.43      John Sobocan, "Driving My Mailbox," Features of Spheres
35.35      Daren Keck, "October Winds," 7 Years Under
41.44      Jim Cole/Spectral Voices, "All Within Your Heart & Mind," Innertones
45.57      Andrew Lahiff, "Begins Eternal Dreaming," Six Trees in the Colony
55.43      Etokle, "Het Mechanische Gebled Van de Slaap," The Golden Bear & Other Works
1.04.31   Gregory Reeves, "Below," Photic
1.09.58   John Koch-Northrup, "Sleeping," Brave New World (comp)
1.14.44   Aron Kirk, "Victimisation," Brick Circus
1.19.47   Amongst Myselves, "Morning in the Bowl of Night," Fragments