Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hypnagogue Podcast 54

Don't be afraid; this one may start out a little aggressive and it does wander into experimental spaces a bit, but after a short set of that things quiet down and even pick up a beat or two. New music is nicely represented and an old fave makes a much-awaited comeback. Enjoy.

Episode 54

               Olekranon, "Brng Yvwh," Bilial
3.15        Dolmen, "Magick," Incantations Vol 2
7.23        Pang, "Lost Pictures," Garden of Menace
13.43      Parhelion, "A Lament for Whales," Midnight Sun
19.25      Joe Frawley, "Mirrors," Speak of This to No One
26.19      John Broaddus, "SFMOMA-San Francisco," Afield
38.37      Broken Harbour, "Redshift," Broken Harbour
49.37      Uwe Gronau, "Secret Meeting (2)," Midsummer
55.35      Cyberchump & Janzyk, "Dreams Groove," Regrooved
1.02.39   Drifting in Silence, "Existence," Lifesounds
1.08.41   Jeffrey Koepper, "Ice Flow," Arctisonia
1.14.23   Lethsomn, "Engulfed in Red Clouds," Phantom Channel Presents

Underlay: Computerchemist, "Music for Earthquakes"

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