Friday, June 17, 2011

Hypnagogue Podcast 56--2 Years on the Air!

The podcast is two years old! To celebrate, I've taken favorite tracks from CDs I've reviewed in the last year and lined them up into a nice flow. And if you think it was easy to pick 13 CDs out of roughly 115...

My thanks go out to my listeners and to the wonderful artists who send their music for review. Without all of you, there is no Hypnagogue Podcast. So hang on. Here we go.

Episode 56

               Boc Scadet, "Seaem," Temporary Oceans
5.58        Dave Preston, "Sweet Sound of Escape," Soundtrack for Motion
10.52      Har, "Obscura," Obscura
15.58      David Helpling & Jon Jenkins, "To the Ends of the Earth," The Crossing
24.12      Swartz, "Mid-Day Bells," Nighttide
32.01      Igneous Flame, "Earth Metal," Ion
44.46      Apne Sinn, "Advaita," Espiritista
50.07      Darshan Ambient, "A Deeper Blue," A Day Within Days
57.23      Ann Licater, "Wind & Butterfly II," Doorway to a Dream
1.02.44   Hollan Homes, "Mist and Myth," A Distant Light
1.11.40   Howard Ferre, "Wax Branches," Journey's End
1.11.53   Venona Pers, "An Ending," The Past is a Foreign Country
1.24.15   Bruno Sanfilippo, "Pulsum Sacrum," Subliminal Pulse

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