Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hypnagogue Podcast 58

Where shall we go this time? Through mostly quiet spaces, I think, with a brief stop on the borders of darkness, just so we have a chance to peer within. (Let's not get too close. That's for another day.) At the end you'll emerge into a misty, melodic zone and finish in a burst of electric neo-jazz.

Episode 58, "No Introduction, No Interruptions"
1.11          Ken Elkinson, "Glass House," Music for Commuting
4.34          Darren Rogers, "Celestial Voices from the Heavens," The Ancients
16.33        Deborah Martin, "Blue Lake," Deep Roots, Hidden Water
23.12        A Produce & Loren Nerell, "Meadow Dusst," Intangible
29.18        Chad Hoefler, "In A Marooned Moment," Twilight in the Offing
38.05        Blood Box, "Oracle of Babylon," Funeral in an Empty Room
46.20        M. Peck, "Let There Be Dark," Bodies to the Sky
55.08        Resonant Drift, "Departure," Passages
1.03.38     Aaron Marshall, "Skinned," Magnificent Accident
1.10.24     Canartic, "Cleveland (Buzz)," Modulotion
1.19.42     Anawaty/Russell, "The Enigmatic Smile Upon Her Lips of Beauty," Monjour
1.27.48     N-qia, "Frosty," Qia Songs

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travis said...

i dont know why it took my so long to listen to this episode.. SO many good tracks in this one! looks like i'm going to have to buy some more music now. again..

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