Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hypnagogue Podcast 59

This is one you'll dive deeply into, warm-water drifts spiraling downward, punctuated with touches of beat. Eyes closed, headphones on, please. It's the best way to enjoy the voyage.

Episode 59, "Another Uninterrupted Flow...Honestly."

             Praguedren, "Neon Green Skies," Aurora Australis
8.34       Dreamhub, "Galaxias," Moments in Space
16.22     Eyes Cast Down, "Exquisite Patterns of Divination," Conception (comp.)
27.32     Burning Artist, "BurningFreeFalling," Conception (comp.)
35.30     Craig Padilla/Zero Ohms/Skip Murphy, "Oceans of the Heavens," Beyond the Portal*
50.43     Above the Skyline, "Somber Polaris," Ocean Poetry
55.04     Arterial Flow, "Venus Red," Arterial Flow
1.00.51  Stendeck, "Learning to Walk Through Walls," Scintilla
1.06.12  Mara's Torment, "Resolution," Dexterity
1.16.07  Andrew Lahiff, "Night of Fallen Stars," Cosmic Archaeology
1.26.52  Slow Dancing Society, "The Warm and Familiar Smell of September," The Sound of Lights When Dim

Underlay: John Vorus, "Cove," Transmuting Currents

*During the podcast I mistakenly credited this track only to Craig; I left off Zero and Skip. My apologies!

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