Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hypnagogue Podcast 61

Don't operate heavy machinery while listening to this episode. Six long-form pieces, each falling in the 14-16 minute range, make for a mostly calm and quiet flow. Close listening reveals the depth and texture within; casual listening simply relaxes. Carve out 90 well-deserved minutes for yourself and hit "Start." Enjoy the journey.

Episode 61
              Apne Sinn, "Arclight," Espiritista
14.37     Paul Ellis, "From Out of the Vast Comes Nearness," From Out of the Vast Comes Nearness
29.48     Brannan Lane & Ashera, "Sextant," Sextant
44.58     Emerald Adrift, "Nelumbo," The Blue Flower
1.00.52  Lokua, "While She Slept," Water Rock
1.14.42  Max Corbacho, "Light-Matrix Portal," Ars Lucis

Underlay: Tomorrow's Man, "Doomsday Divine," Conception (compilation)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hypnagogue Podcast 60

A pair of journeys for you this time, friends. Following a skein that streamed outward from the first track, I found myself moving in a quiet, acoustic line with a focus on piano. This section spins into a hushed place somewhere near a distant dusk, leading to a short break. Yes, I'm back to talk in the middle this time. But it's only so you can move more smoothly into the second set, a much more ambient trek that plies the shadows for sounds and whispers before lifting itself up to finish in a place of--well, to be honest, ass-kicking power.


Episode 60

              Runningonair, "East to West," UnSelected Works
6.11       Jeff Greinke, Partial Light, Virga
12.09     Seamus O'Muinechain, "My Negative," Conflicts at the Sermon
15.02     Josh Johnston, "Asylum Harbor," The Shape of Things
19.01     Beyond Absence, "A Short Moment Before the Seizure," Heritage 
26.33     Dwight Ashley, "I Saw A Thousand Swallows," Four 
37.26     Numina, "Fluid Red," Subterranean Landscapes 
48.14     Nathan Youngblood, "Underland," Asunder
54.31     Igneous Flame, "Toward A Silent World," Orcus
1.03.40  Siddhartha Barnhoon, "Foundations," Pillars of Light
1.09.21  Ephemeral Mists, "Moon Ritual," Moon Ritual
1.18.09  Computerchemist, "Tantric Race," Aqual Measure

Underlay: Silvercord, "Bioluminescence Pt 6," Bioluminescence