Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hypnagogue Podcast 64

Now and then I end up putting podcasts together later at night, picking sounds and building sets in the dark by the glow of the monitor. This episode is one of those. The later it got, the deeper the sounds went until I had constructed something cool and smooth and shadowy, a place to hide away for 90 minutes. Have no fear. I promise to bring you back to the surface by the end


Episode 64
             Jason.Sloan, "(s)END," (s)END
9.25       Erik Wollo, excerpt from Silent Currents
15.52     Lucette Bourdin, "Moveless Fish," Silver Moon
25.36     Art Bleek, "Sleeping Society," Sleeping Society
31.42     Phillip Wilkerson, "The Adagio for Dreamers," The Way Home
42.06     Mara's Torment, "Stasis," Fluctuations
51.42     Szymon Kaliski, "Or Gently," For Isolated Recollections
58.20     Talvihorros, "Delta," Descent Into Delta
1.06.57  Cathart, "A Nearby Friend," Isoceles
1.12.50  John Koch-Northrup, "Movement in Glass," Temporal Arc
1.20.32  Ministry of Inside Things, "Nightscene," Contact Point

Underlay: The Current, "Crossfield," Communion

Friday, September 16, 2011

Hypnagogue Podcast 63--Celebrating 20,000 Downloads!

This past weekend, the podcast logged its 20,000th download. Truly amazing. That's 10,000 downloads in eight months! I wanted to take the time to thank everyone who listens, whether you've only recently climbed on board or if you've been along for the ride for a while now. The response still genuinely amazes me and makes this all the more fun to do. Blessings also to the artists who subject their music to my questionable opinion and who let me air their art. I do hope people are hunting you out after hearing your work on the 'cast.

So this one's for you folks--the kind, unseen audience who keep me going. Enjoy the ride.

Episode 63
              Tange, "Psylence II," Conception 
10.09     Deiter Moebius, "Temperate," Blotch
13.41     Kyron, "Viator," Perdurabo
17.27     Subterrestrial, "A Walk Along the Bank," Nature Is Infinite
23.54     Bing Satellites, "Realise," I Head Something In The Distance, Vol 1
39.49     The Oo-Ray, "Chimes At Midnight," Astoria
42.44     Manitou, "Remembering That Afternoon Downtown," All Points North
51.17     Justin Vanderberg, "Temporal Extraction," In Waking Moments
1.12.11  Jonathan Badger, "His Face Like Glass to the Touch," Unsung Stories from Lily's Days As A Solar Astronaut
1.16.46  The Smokering, "Internal Affairs," Mellow Majestic
1.23.58  Neuron Dreamtime, "Sacral Extortion," I Am My Own Mushroom
Underlay: Andrew Lahiff, "August Dreams," Shapes in Clouds

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hypnagogue Podcast 62

A darkly meditative flow, a shifting course through shadowy places. Find the space to give yourself over to this one. I'd say more, but I'd be keeping you from your journey. It's time to go.

Episode 62
               Penjaga Insaf, "Pelamun," Sama SaDJa
5.56        Dentist, "Scrolling," Cuts
12.14      Rasalhague, "Danielle's Dilemma (Her Release)," Rage Inside the Window
20.00      Kalte, "Harbig-Haro Object," Fissures
26.17      Cyberchump, "Dread," Their Moment of Perfect Happiness
36.16      id Submerged, "Moni," The Answer
43.28      Joe Frawley, "Skywriting/An Extremely Tiny Box," Carnival
50.50      Ran Kirlian, "Dark Matter," Dissolution
1.02.33   Leonardo Rosado, "The Sun Still Rises," For R
1.16.29   Claus Gahrn & Tim Risher, "No One Wants to Go to Jail for Things," Musical Sculptures
1.24.38   Sleeping Me, "Here in the North," Cradlesongs
1.28.47   Tim Story, "Homage," Collected