Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hypnagogue Podcast 62

A darkly meditative flow, a shifting course through shadowy places. Find the space to give yourself over to this one. I'd say more, but I'd be keeping you from your journey. It's time to go.

Episode 62
               Penjaga Insaf, "Pelamun," Sama SaDJa
5.56        Dentist, "Scrolling," Cuts
12.14      Rasalhague, "Danielle's Dilemma (Her Release)," Rage Inside the Window
20.00      Kalte, "Harbig-Haro Object," Fissures
26.17      Cyberchump, "Dread," Their Moment of Perfect Happiness
36.16      id Submerged, "Moni," The Answer
43.28      Joe Frawley, "Skywriting/An Extremely Tiny Box," Carnival
50.50      Ran Kirlian, "Dark Matter," Dissolution
1.02.33   Leonardo Rosado, "The Sun Still Rises," For R
1.16.29   Claus Gahrn & Tim Risher, "No One Wants to Go to Jail for Things," Musical Sculptures
1.24.38   Sleeping Me, "Here in the North," Cradlesongs
1.28.47   Tim Story, "Homage," Collected

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