Friday, October 7, 2011

Hypnagogue Podcast 65

Charge into this one with the engines wide open--we're up to speed right off the bat. (Been sort of on the downtempo side lately. Let's get the blood running.) Second half smooths out and quiets back down.

Episode 65
              Twiggy and the K-Mesons, "The Right Place," Technique
5.53       Displacer, "Radioactive," Night Gallery
9.53       Tapage & Meander, "Oceanographic," Etched in Salt
15.34     Frame, "Other Directions," Vision
20.50     Nattefrost, "Draconian," Dying Sun/Scarlet Moon*
26.27     Drifting in Silence, "Fixer," Lifesounds
32.24     Lazzich, "Karmayoniz," 360kH
39.46     Darren Keck, "Nap Heist," 7 Years Under
47.56     Cousin Silas, "Tarnscape," Adrift Off the Islets of the Langerhans
55.43     Giles Reaves, "Submerged," Sea of Glass (out of print)
1.05.43  Mingo, "Translation of Lost Consciousness," The Light That Bends
1.12.08  Salt Lake Electric Ensemble, In C (excerpt)
1.22.28  Larry Kucharz, "Binary Funeral IA42," Unit IA42

Underlay: Ken Elkinson, "The Thin Veil," Music for Commuting

*By virtue of sloppy book-keeping on my part, "Draconian" becomes one of the few tracks,
if not the only track, I've accidentally played twice. It wasn't in my semi-trusty playlist spreadsheet. But it's a great track, so no worries there!

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Really enjoying your podcasts downloaded about 8 earlier will be back for more : )
Cheers !

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