Friday, October 21, 2011

Hypnagogue Podcast 66

I got about 35 minutes into this flow, piecing it together for you from the rhythmic starting point of the Patrick O'Hearn cut, and I was going to break in for a little voice over and then shift direction. Along comes the track from Janne Hanhisuanto's new disc, and it totally derails my plan. From there, it just took on a life of its own. Toward the end of the Atomic Skunk track I found a perfect spot to ease out from beats to drifts, and the 'cast finished up with shadows and hushed tones. Enjoy the ride.

Episode 66, "If You've Never Seen a Hypnagogue Podcast..."

              Patrick O'Hearn, "Well-Mannered," Transitions
5.56       Anawaty/Russel, "Rainy Day Diva," Monjour 
11.48     AOMyusic, "In Lake;ch," ...And Love Rages On!
17.31     Dave Preston, "The Blood in Your Veins," Soundtrack for Motion
23.00     Stand Alone Complex, "Don't Be Gone Long," Music for Suicides
29.37     Janne Hanhisuanto, Circles in 3D, Part 3
34.49     Canartic, "One Drop," Headphone Test
47.27     Brannan Lane & Biff Johnson, "Waning Moon," Distant Friends
55.54     Steve Roach & vidnaObmana, "Spires," InnerZone
1.06.28  The Nebulae, "Devotion," Path of White Clouds
1.18.51  C. Paradisi, "Celestial," Conception

Underlay: Bruno Sanfilippo & Mathias Grassow, Cromo, Part 4

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