Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hypnagogue Podcast 68

Click into 90 minutes of quiet music that begins with, appropriately enough, something from Quiet Music. A track from the restored and reissued Steve Roach classic starts the flow and stays in a hushed state from there. This one is perfect for winding down, meditating or just drifting through the day. And I promise I won't say anything until the very end.

Episode 68, "Shhhhh...."

              Steve Roach, "Quiet Canon," Quiet Music 3
7.25       Chris Russell & Disturbed Earth, "Leaves on Trees," The Approaching Armada
15.46     Igneous Flame, "Luna," Ion
22.41     Stephen Phillips, "Heavenly Ascension," Lightness of Being
32.15     Synthesist, "Heart Chakra," Dream Slate
37.40     Phillip Wilkerson, "Nightwatchers I," The Way Home
52.07     Bob Holroyd, "Mirror Lakes," Afterglow*
55.38     Justin Vanderberg, "67," Synthetic Memories
1.03.21  Claus Gahrn & Tim Risher, "Ocean Heart," Musical Sculptures
1.11.11  Ken Elkinson, "Solenka," Music for Commuting
1.15.04  Gregory Reeves, "Anemone," Photic
1.19.02  Lucette Bourdin, "To Paint the Rose," Golden Sun

*Just realized I may have referred to this as Bob Holroyd's "debut" CD. Not the case. Mr Holroyd has a number of releases available. Apologies for the mix-up.


michael mcgarrity said...

Stunning work. Really impressive tracklists in all your Podcasts. Keep up the great work!!

Hypnagogue said...

Thank you, Michael. I'm glad you're liking the show.

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