Friday, December 30, 2011

Hypnagogue Podcast 71

It's the last podcast of 2011, but the first to come to you in improved 128kbps sound! This will increase your download size slightly, but I think the bump in quality will be worth it.

For this year-ending episode, I'm playing favorites--tracks from some of the discs I've quite enjoyed over the past year. Mind you, I reviewed about 125 discs in 2011, so culling it down to a dozen or so favorites wasn't easy. Some tracks come from Highly Recommended CDs, some don't. Sit back and enjoy.

Comments on the higher bitrate sound are welcome at

Episode 71

            Jason Sloan, "," (s)END
6.29     Atomic Skunk, "Sunwheel," Alchemy 
15.42   Apne Sinn, "Twinewheel," Espiritista 
21.19   Johan Agebjorn, "Swimming Through the Blue Lagoon," The Mountain Lake 
26.12   Patrick O'Hearn, "Playground," Transitions 
30.06   Herion, "Cab," Out & About 
33.35   John Sobocan, "Silence," Features of Spheres 
37.56   Meg Bowles, "Chant for A Liquid World," A Quiet Light 
49.49   Steve Roach & Brian Parnham, "Somewhere Beyond," The Desert Inbetween 
56.53   Resonant Drift, "Crossing the Threshold," Passages 
1.03.16 Forrest Fang's Sans Serif, "Chant of Urm," Unbound 
1.12.05 Ken Elkinson, "John Hughes," Music for Commuting 
1.15.17 Picture Palace Music, "Midsummer's Eve," Midsummer 
1.20.57 Venona Pers, "Ferrous," The Past is A Foreign Country
1.24.10 Bob Holroyd, "Half Light," Afterglow
1.29.22 Ministry of Inside Things, "Grateful," Everlasting Moment

Underlay: Cousin Silas, "Upstream," Adrift Off the Islets of Langerhans

Friday, December 16, 2011

Hypnagogue Podcast 70

This one stretches from one end of the spectrum to the other: guitar-driven tribal/Aztec fire from Soriah, dark-edged electronic explorations from M. Peck, electro-pop influences from Dep, meditative synth washes from Juta Takahashi, piano pieces from Connie St. Pierre and Uwe Gronau and uptempo glitch from Broken Kites. (And even more in between.) You ready?

Episode 70

              Soriah w/Ashkelon Sain, "Iix," Eztica
10.08     M. Peck, "Floating Out to See," Bodies to the Sky
17.37     Chris Russell, "Thaw," Frozen
24.26     Dan Pound, "Making Tracks," Wolf Moon
35.24     Dep, "Who Knows Where We Go From Here," Start Loving the Robots
42.16     Juta Takahashi, "Faraway," Hymn
1.01.30  Dirty Fire Project, "Hyper Coast," Second Statement
1.08.32  Marc Atmost, "Aurora Borealis," Versatile
1.15.28   Conni St. Pierre, "Under the Tundra," Mountain Spirits
1.20.26   Uwe Gronau, "Big Sky," Midsummer
1.23.09   Broken Kites, "SSDD," Generation Ships

Underlay: Loren Nerell & A Produce, "Area 51.1," Intangible

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hypnagogue Podcast 69

This time out we start with a 30-minute set of new music that ranges from uptempo electronic to jazz-inspired New Age. A break and then it's an hour on the quiet side, ending in a long, hushed drone.

Episode 69, "Or Not"

              Kodomo, "Decoder," Frozen in Motion
7.01       Elisa Luu, "22 Marz," The Time of Waiting
11.05     Mark Zampella, "Undertow," Tone Poems for Fuzzy Guitar
16.31     General Fuzz, "The Jam," Miles Tones
22.44     Darshan Ambient, "When Will My Someday Come," Dream in Blue
30.03     Wishcollapse, "Opera Incompiuta," Volume 2
38.42      Ishq, "AN," sleepMODE
48.45      Jeffrey Koepper, "Winter Space," Luminosity
55.57      Shane Morris, "Shimmering," Conception
1.04.12   Integral, "Asphalt Architecture," The Past is My Shadow
1.11.16   Apne Sinn w/Peter James, "What Rough Beast," En Seier
1.19.10   Sam Rosenthal, "The Passage" (excerpt), The Passage

Underlay: Nathan Youngblood, "Kanashibari," Asunder