Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hypnagogue Podcast 69

This time out we start with a 30-minute set of new music that ranges from uptempo electronic to jazz-inspired New Age. A break and then it's an hour on the quiet side, ending in a long, hushed drone.

Episode 69, "Or Not"

              Kodomo, "Decoder," Frozen in Motion
7.01       Elisa Luu, "22 Marz," The Time of Waiting
11.05     Mark Zampella, "Undertow," Tone Poems for Fuzzy Guitar
16.31     General Fuzz, "The Jam," Miles Tones
22.44     Darshan Ambient, "When Will My Someday Come," Dream in Blue
30.03     Wishcollapse, "Opera Incompiuta," Volume 2
38.42      Ishq, "AN," sleepMODE
48.45      Jeffrey Koepper, "Winter Space," Luminosity
55.57      Shane Morris, "Shimmering," Conception
1.04.12   Integral, "Asphalt Architecture," The Past is My Shadow
1.11.16   Apne Sinn w/Peter James, "What Rough Beast," En Seier
1.19.10   Sam Rosenthal, "The Passage" (excerpt), The Passage

Underlay: Nathan Youngblood, "Kanashibari," Asunder

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