Friday, December 16, 2011

Hypnagogue Podcast 70

This one stretches from one end of the spectrum to the other: guitar-driven tribal/Aztec fire from Soriah, dark-edged electronic explorations from M. Peck, electro-pop influences from Dep, meditative synth washes from Juta Takahashi, piano pieces from Connie St. Pierre and Uwe Gronau and uptempo glitch from Broken Kites. (And even more in between.) You ready?

Episode 70

              Soriah w/Ashkelon Sain, "Iix," Eztica
10.08     M. Peck, "Floating Out to See," Bodies to the Sky
17.37     Chris Russell, "Thaw," Frozen
24.26     Dan Pound, "Making Tracks," Wolf Moon
35.24     Dep, "Who Knows Where We Go From Here," Start Loving the Robots
42.16     Juta Takahashi, "Faraway," Hymn
1.01.30  Dirty Fire Project, "Hyper Coast," Second Statement
1.08.32  Marc Atmost, "Aurora Borealis," Versatile
1.15.28   Conni St. Pierre, "Under the Tundra," Mountain Spirits
1.20.26   Uwe Gronau, "Big Sky," Midsummer
1.23.09   Broken Kites, "SSDD," Generation Ships

Underlay: Loren Nerell & A Produce, "Area 51.1," Intangible


George L Smyth said...

Just finished listening to this one and enjoyed the variety. Sometimes it is good to stretch things out a bit and this one was certainly fun to listen to. I appreciate these shows, having had my own for 100 episodes (Sounds Of Ambience), and just wanted to make sure you knew that I am joyed to see a new show in my feed when each one comes out. Please keep up the good work.

Cheers -


Hypnagogue said...

George--sorry to over look your comment for this long! Thank you for the kind words on the podcast. I certainly hope I can hit the 100-episode mark as well!

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