Monday, October 15, 2012

We're Moving!

Friends & Followers: I've decided to port the podcast over to a Wordpress site. This lets me maintain the look of both "" identities, and also allows you to play new podcasts right from the page--you won't get bumped over to a Quicktime player. 

Please change your bookmark, if you have one, to Episode 91 is posted there at the moment, and episode 92 arrives on 10/19!

I will be working through the issue of the RSS feed for subscribers, as I do not want to lose links to the previous podcasts. Please bear with me!

peace & power,

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Hypnagogue Podcast 91

September brought a lot of new music to my door, so I've laced some of that with a couple tracks from the archives for a nice flow. Plus, I give a full 25 minutes over to a single track--something I've never done before. 


             Numina, "In Cerulean Haze," The Deception of Reality
9.27      Sphare Sechs, "Phave IV," Tiefschlaf
18.05    Dave Luxton, "Long Delay Echo," Music from the Firmament
23.55    Igneous Flame, "Holophony," Ion
33.40    Joe McMahon, "Empty Sidewalks," 3 AM
40.06    Paulina Cassidy, "Dance of the Scarecrow," Lost in Oz
44.19    Brokenkites, "Wood Between the Worlds," Illumina
49.17    Synthesist, "6th Chakra Suite," Light
54.45    Northcore, "Nocturne," Desatero
1.00.12 Terra Ambient, "Sandstorm Dreaming," The Gate
1.09.00 Bruno Sanfilippo, "Chaotic Order," Urbs

Underlay: Kyle Bobby Dunn, "The Second Ponderosa,"
A Young Person's Guide to Kyle Bobby Dunn.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Hypnagogue Podcast 90

Time once again to look back at the tracks I've used as underlays to my voice-overs and give them a chance to be heard. Now, having not done this since episode 34, I had a lot of tracks to choose from! Some had already been given a full play on subsequent episodes, so these fifteen tracks (more than usual!) are ones that are getting their first shot. Many familiar artists for you this time out. This is also a quite quiet flow, since I try to pick fairly unobtrusive tracks for underlays. (I know how much you love my voice....)



Episode 90

Ann Licater, "Earth to Sky," Doorway to a Dream
5.06 Patrick Smith, "Girl on a Pink Blanket," Scattered Hearts
8.30 Mark Zampella, "Funnel Cloud," Tone Poems for Fuzzy Guitar
13.50 A Produce & Loren Nerell, "Area 51.1," Intangible
20.43 The Current, "Crossfields," Communion
25.48 Aphorism, "End of the Start," Second Statement (compilation)
30.37 Bruno Sanfilippo & Mathias Grassow, "Track 4," Cromo
41.04 Chad Hoefler, "Radiant Blue," Quiet Glow
50.01 Giles Reaves, "Aurora," Sea of Glass (out of print)
56.18 Ken Elkinson, "The Thin Veil," Music for Commuting
59.46 Mara's Torment, "Under Starlit Skies," Across for Show
1.04.39 Tomorrow's Man, "Doomsday Divine," Conception (compilation)
1.13.09 Silvercord, "Bioluminesence, Pt 6," Bioluminesence
1.21.22 Brain Ballet, "The Ancient Sea," Aquarium of the Deep Sea
1.24.52 earWorm, "Dusting the Juggler," earWorm

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Hypnagogue Podcast 89

When I put the review site on hiatus for submissions back in May, I did not expect that when I reopened the doors on August 1, that I'd quickly rebuild the kind of backlog of discs that had made me go on hiatus in the first place. But August brought something like 26 new discs to my door. The upshot is that in this episode you'll hear tracks from a dozen of them. Enjoy.


Episode 89

Maculatum, "Part II," The Nameless City
9.00      Har & Altus, "Burning While They Watched," Shadow District
17.06    There Is No Teenage Love, "Golden Means," There Is No Teenage Love
23.02    Paragate, "Eye-Beam" The World Above Us
28.37    Joe Frawley, "Beneath the Trees," A Hundred Years
32.29    Joe Evans, "Resonant TNOs," Ecliptic Plane
42.34    Erik Wollo, "Airborne 1," Airborne
47.53    Dan Pound, "Night Whisper," Return to Other Worlds
54.02    Steve Roach, "Day Three" (excerpt), Stormwarning
1.04.38 Phillip Wilkerson, "Hear My Untold Story," Complex Silence 23
1.15.25 Caul, "We Are Like Heartless Shadows," Let the Stars Assume the Whole of Night
1.20.50 Disturbed Earth & Shane Morris, Suburban Catacombs (excerpt)

Underlay: Michael Meara, "Origination," Conception (compilation)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hypnagogue Podcast 88

Things start off fairly upbeat and light this time, thanks to a delightful new Robert Carty release, but then it starts to get a little strange. You see, I put it together in a single session late one evening in my unlighted studio, and I think the tone of the episode reflects that. So when you're ready to go deep into some serious listening, just click...

Robert Carty, "Root and Stone," Ecoroots*
8.26     Entheogen, "Infectious Agent," Singularity
13.12   Roedelius, "Auf der Hohe," Offenturen
17.08   Lower Third, "Goodnight Sweet Feedback," Hiromi Restraint
20.04   Mark Snyder, "Alluvium," Messy
26.12   Markus Mehr, "Only for a While," On
34.55   Jason Sloan, "Fall of the Fifth Sun," Fall of the Fifth Sun
44.49   Siddhartha Barnhoorn, "Nebulae," Pillars of Light
51.15   Viridian Sun, "Four Times I Slept for a Year," Infinite In All Directions
1.00.43 Ian Boddy & Parallel Worlds, "Entwined," Exit Strategy
1.07.55 Wishcollapse, "Oltre Caronte," Volume 2
1.20.37 Zero Ohms, "Peace of the Pi," Worlds, Afterworlds

Underlay: Apne Sinn, "Tabula Rasa," Espiritista

*I mistakenly refer to this release as "Eco-Tones" in the podcast.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hypnagogue Podcast 87

It's time to go. We open with a half-hour of mostly quiet and quite interesting things, shift after a short break into some higher gears (yah, we get us all dubby for a bit) and come down on the far side of this 90 minutes back being all pensive and hushed.


Episode 87

            Loren Nerell, "Persistence of Dream Memory," Slow Dream
8.46      Elisa Luu, "The Sound In A House," Brave New World (compilation)
16.56    Chris Russell, "Phlox," Bloom
27.17    Mikronesia, "No Rage," Iris or Comfortable Too
37.25    The Cosmic Garden, "Where Have All the Flowergirls Gone," Sun Secrets
44.58    Cyberchump, "Interstellar Dub Station Freakout," Their Moment of Perfect Happiness
49.54    Kodomo, "S Equals Zero," Frozen in Motion
54.22    Juta Takahashi, "Fair Winds," Angel
1.10.18 Dan Pound, "Release," Cocoon
1.20.53 I've Lost, "Going Under," sleepMODE (compilation)

Underlay: Mark Zamperella, "Funnel Cloud," Tone Poems for Fuzzy Guitar

Friday, July 27, 2012

Hypnagogue Podcast 86

Hang on, we're starting out in high gear for the first couple of tracks. The glide slides into a more ambient/laid-back space, but not before hitting one more rhythmic bump in road. We don't think you'll mind a little beat-based turbulence mid-cruise. The end is all about the float.

Episode 86
            Biomass, "Serpentetraspeed," Energy
8.21      Projective Module, "Anima," Other Things That Happened
13.01    Atomic Skunk, "Ghosts and Angels," Alchemy
19.28    Kyle Bobby Dunn, "New Pures," Ways of Meaning
23.16    Meg Bowles, "Glacial Dawn," Quiet Light
32.30    Swartz, "Sympathetic Strings," Nighttide
37.41    Picture Palace Music, "Drowning Someone Else's Sorrow Into the Ocean," Midsummer
53.12    MusSck, "Torn Off Feathers from an Angel," Digital Ninja
56.18    Creature, "Rise," Distant Horizon
1.01.00 Bob Ohrum/Mary Grace, "Every Time I Close My Eyes," Elevated
1.08.45 Silo 10, "Pulse," Silo 10
1.12.37 John Sobocan, "Purple Stretch," Features of Spheres
1.19.33 Bruno Sanfilippo, "Mantram," Subliminal Pulse

Underlay: Art Bleek, "Sleeping Society," Sleeping Society

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hypnagogue Podcast 85

As I noted in the last episode, this time around we hit a small landmark--the 1000th track to be played on the Hypnagogue Podcast! Any guesses which of the tracks below is the one? (Shouldn't be too hard to figure out...) This episode turned out to be an unofficial "lazy" podcast, with a handful of long drifts. Enjoy the flow, and thanks for listening!

Episode 85

            Numina, "Arrival to Nowhere," Shift to the Ghost
11.43    Seren Fford, excerpt from Stellar Nurseries
26.40    Labrathisattva, "A World Beneath the World," The View from Down Here
41.17    Ran Kirlian, "Selenium," Dissolution
53.20    Steve Roach, "The Other Side," Dreamtime Return
1.06.11 The Ambient Visitor, "Cyllarus," Seven
1.14.17 Steve Brand, "Act of Creation," Avatara

Underlay: dreamSTATE, "Sandstone," A Decade Dreaming

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hypnagogue Podcast 84

This flow starts out in something of a New Age space, then winds its way down into shadowy, virtually beat-free vistas. Don't worry...I promise to pull you back up eventually.

Episode 84

           Sparky Quano, "Gaijirou," Jenga
3.59     Mark Bruland, "Alexander's Grove," BEEHuman
7.19     Martyrs of Sound, "Om Shanti," Radhe's Dream
11.48    Phil Herschel, "Epic Journey," Get Ready
19.45    Keef Baker, "Cranesong," Emerging Organisms Vol 4 (comp)
25.24    Shane Morris & Mystified, "Jurassic Dawn," Epoch
39.51    Peter James, "Separation," Landfall
56.40    Oophoi & Paul Vnuk Jr., "West Field: Awua," Dreamfields
1.06.14 Onewayness, "Kill All Voices," Blue Star Is Freezing
1.24.02 Aaron Marshall, "Prelude," Noir Ambient

Underlay: Chad Hoefler, "Radiant Blue," Quiet Glow

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hypnagogue Podcast 83

This episode marks the podcast's third year in production. To celebrate, I've decided to try to pull a couple tracks from the majority of styles I play. So we open with some tribal, slide into some old-school analog, ease into ambient flows, go dark for a bit, break out the beats, get a little weird, and end on a full-band note.

Many thanks to the listeners and musicians who keep me inspired and keep me coming back to the mic for more. The pleasure is all mine.

Episode 83

           Steve Roach, "Beyond the Blood," Truth & Beauty
5.11    Shane Morris, "The Earth Speaks," Equinox
14.52   Byron Metcalf, "Spirit Gathering," Spirit Gathering
27.26   Nattefrost, "Die Kinder der Erde," Dying Sun/Scarlet Moon
32.07   Synth.NL, "Reentry," Apollo
36.59   Apne Sinn, "His Great Heart," En Seier
42.32   Andrew Lahiff, "Saltwood," Shapes in Clouds
48.42   Broken Harbour, "Unforeseen Consequences," Gramophone Transmissons
56.43   Wolfskin/Last Industrial Estate, "Far Beyond the Silent Sea," Stonegates of Silence
1.05.57 Displacer, "Falling," Night Gallery
1.10.08 Twiggy and the K-Mesons, "Dollar Mansions," Technique
1.15.32 Tom DePlonty, "Sleeping Monsters Lie," Corridor
1.19.09 Tim Story, "Angel of Elegies," Collected
1.21.45 Bob Holroyd, "Moment," Afterglow
1.23.53 Anawaty/Russell, "Syrian Siren Song," Monjour

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hypnagogue Podcast 82

This time around we start with a few new tracks, then mix in cool flows from the past. (Not too far back, but just far enough.)

           Craig Padilla, "Midnight Encounter," The Heart of the Soul
13.23   Within Reason, "Bodhi," Subtle Shift
21.58   AETopus, "Star Navigator," Between Empires
27.32   East Forest, "You Are What You Are," Music Meditations
36.15   Herion, "Risvegli," Out & About
39.13   Wes Willienbring, "Scene Missing," Weapons Reference Manual
46.18   The Post Riot Era, "Everyone Dies In the End," Quiet Exit
55.10    Darshan Ambient, "A Letter From Home," Dream in Blue
1.02.29 Synthesist, "Tibetan Bells," Light
1.08.24 Max Corbacho, "Mandala," Lost Links
1.20.13 Stephen Phillips & James Johnson, Lost At Dunn's Lake (excerpt)

Underlay: Slow Dancing Society, "Laura's Dream," Under the Sodium Lights

Friday, May 18, 2012

Hypnagogue Podcast 81

This episode is sort of a "shuffle" episode, but with a twist. I started my ambient playlist, set to shuffle, running the day after the last episode launched. Over the next 12 days I picked one point during the day to come into my office to check out what piece was playing. That piece became the next one in the flow. So here are 12 once-a-day selections for your enjoyment. I think it came out pretty good!

Episode 81

          Altus, "Floating Free," Coma Cluster
12.41  Brannan Lane & Tom Larson, "Nocturnal Vigil (Part 2)," Tribal Spirit
15.31  Tim White & Joe Paulino, "Inhale Slowly," Inhale Slowly
25.41  Igneous Flame, "Mountain Breath," Electra 
28.51  SE, "Dendrit," L36 
34.06  Wharmton Rise, "The Augur Revisited," Deep Water
40.45  Amri Baghiri, "Drifting," Orbital Repose
50.23  Somnarium, "The Cape," Frost
1.00.58  Crystal Dreams, "Flood (Disturbed Earth Mix)," Conception
1.11.11  C.Db.Sn, "Airport (Never Land)," At the End of It All
1.14.26  Dave Preston, "Be Different," Be
1.19.07  Michael Sadler, "Congruence," Ansatz

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hypnagogue Podcast 80

A subtle flow that came together over several nights in the Hypnagogue studio, mixing sounds by monitor light. This one stays mostly on the quiet side, with little bits of beats to catch your attention. A nice blend of new and old.

           Boy is Fiction, "Tomorrow, Not Today," Boy Is Fiction
6.20     Radio Free Clear Light, "Things That Didn't Have Names," Isula
11.14    Patrick Balthrop, "Inside of Me," Autopoetic
14.46    Alio Die, "Layers of Faith," Deconsecrated and Pure
30.21    Lorne David Thomson, "Swimming in the Rain," The Warm Portrait
40.57    Silentaria, "Farewell," The Beginning of the End
46.14    Silvercord, "Movement I: Within My Heart's Slumbering Soul," Symphony of Sighs
57.51    Arrocata, "Wandering Windows," In the Distance
1.08.37 Larry Kucharz, "1993 No. 4," Ambient Red Washes
1.18.17 Jack Hertz, "Yesterday," Time

Underlay: Bruno Sanfilippo and Mathias Grassow, Cromo (Track 5)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hypnagogue Podcast 79

Back we go, into the pile of unreviewed discs. I'd say it's new music, but there's some stuff from late 2011 here along with more recent pieces to enjoy. At the very least, it's all new to the Hypnagogue Podcast!

Episode 79

              John Lyell, "Vector Atmospheres," Eternity
7.41       Known Rebel, "Science," Hollow
12.53     Freq.Magnet, "Derriere des il Bleu," Nicked
19.39     Janne Hanhisuanto, "Ptolemaios," Quiet Places
28.04     Pascal Savy, "Transference," Liminal
32.55     Bruno Sanfilippo & Max Corbacho, Bioma (excerpt)
50.27     Oystein Jorgenson, "Alpha Centuari," Imagine
57.45     Oophoi & Paul Vnuk Jr, "East Field: Welkum," Dreamfields
1.12.04  Talkingmakesnosense, "Do the Sit Still," Only Light to Clear Away (comp)
1.17.22  Daniel WJ MacKenzie, "N.A.C.A.L. III," Return Written Arrange
1.21.22  Steve Roach, "Everything Inside," Back to Life

Underlay: Siddhartha Barnhoon, "Nebulae," Pillars of Light

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Hypnagogue Podcast 78

Ideally, you'll save this one for when you've got 90 clear minutes to just drown yourself in the sound. An uninterrupted flow of light and shadow, deep abstract sounds designed to melt inside your head.

Episode 78

            John Vorus, "Ripple Effect," Transmuting Currents
6.01     John Broaddus, "Notre Dame Cathedral Paris," Afield
20.54    A. Produce & Loren Nerell, "Lost in Transformation," Intangible
30.13    Amongst Myselves,"Argo Navis," Ambient, Landscape and Space
35.00    Carl Sagan's Ghost, Part 3, Especially for Them 
48.09    Altus, "Lay Still and Listen," Complex Silence 22 
57.50    Parhelion, "Meditation Over Open Waters," Midnight Sun 
1.05.17 Deborah Martin, "Voices on the Rim," Deep Roots, Hidden Water 
1.14.38 Byron Metcalf, Track 10, Shaman's Heart II 
1.24.03 Collin Thomas, Oakwood Afternoon, Stones/Still

Underlay: Juta Takahashi, "Ararat," Silence

Friday, March 23, 2012

Hypnagogue Podcast 77

Set the Wayback machine...we're paying tribute to old-school analog synth music. Got your passport to Berlin?

Episode 77
            Brian Vassalo, Part 6, Memoirs of a Lifetime
5.05     Chuck van Zyl, "Stories in Stone," Memory Space
18.41    Synth.NL, "Docking," Apollo
25.30    Gert Emmens, "Empathy," Metamorphosis
32.28    Orbital Decay, "Terminal Velocity," Solar Maxima
50.04    Jeffrey Koepper, "Near Machinery," Sequentaria
59.00    Janne Hahnhisuanto, Part 5, Circles in 3D
1.02.32 Hollan Holmes, "The Sentinel," The Farthest Fringes
1.08.02 Paul Ellis, "The Click & Chime of Passing Time," From Out of the Vast Comes Nearness
1.20.32 Steve Roach, "Growth Sequence," Now

Friday, March 9, 2012

Hypnagogue Podcast 76

Into the review queue we go this time, digging around for relatively new music. A couple of my favorite artists make an appearance, and several new pleasant surprises take their turn as well. The first set is about 35 minutes, taking off under Berlin-school power and finding its way into beatless spaces. The second set opens with a prog-influenced track and glides down into contemplative quiet. Enjoy.

Episode 76

              Phillip Wilkerson, "Seven Degrees North of Castor," The Stars and Afterward
5.23        Dan Pound, "Emerge," Cocoon
12.44      Integral, "Synthie Raga," The Past Is My Shadow
21.19      Paulina Cassidy, "Tea with the Dream Ghost," Time Traveler
25.44      Numina, "Cold Shine," Dawn of Obscurity
39.28      Echo Us, "Archaeous of Water Vol 1: The Light It Moves," Tomorrow Will Tell the Story
43.56      Astralfish, "Seeds at Night in a Trickster's Yard," Far Corners
47.10      Radium 88, "A Short Ride in a Broken Machine," Escaping Tomorrow
51.41      Loscil, "Cheekeye," Only Light to Clear Away (comp)
59.10      Peter James, "Sometimes We Forget," Memento
1.06.47   Palancar, "Breaking of the Shell," The Tender Hand of the Unseen
1.17.16   Prageudren, "Bromeliad," Serfs of the Plant Kingdom
1.20.36   Thought Guild, "Celestial Glossalalia," Third Voyage

Underlay: Giles Reaves, "Aurora," Sea of Glass

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hypnagogue Podcast 75

This time out, I let my iTunes search through its 5500+ bits of music and pull out what it feels like pulling out. It's an interesting blend, to say the least! Enjoy.

Episode 75, "Let the iTunes Do the Talking"

              David Last, "Landscape," Beneath the Surface (compilation)
3.50      Parallel Worlds, "Interludes," Obsessive Surrealism
5.53      Miroslav, "Terminal," Emerging Organisms Vol 4 (compilation)
11.43     Christopher Orczy, "Presentiment," Transition
21.42     Mingo, "Strategem Defined," A Guide to Invisibility
26.46     Steve Rose, "The Diminishing Day," The Diminishing Day
36.40     D_Rradio, "Returns," Parts
38.44     Wes Willenbring, "Resuscitate," Someone, Somewhere Else
42.25     Chris Russell, "Otzi," Frozen
53.49     Robert Rich, "Ambergris," Ylang
57.47     Amir Baghiri, "Moonloop," Dreamresources
1.10.30  Cluster, "Diagon," Qua
1.11.48  M. Peck, "A Cognitive Chaos," Glacial
1.20.45  Undermathic, "Level III," 10:10 PM
1.24.15  Human Metronome & 33 Tetragammon, "The Final 5," Resonating Earth

Friday, February 10, 2012

Hypnagogue Podcast 74

This time around we celebrate the guitar, in its many forms.

Episode 74, "The Guitar. The Guitar."
              Sleeping Me, "Tired Hearts," Cradlesongs
5.36       Canartic, "Spring Reverb," Modulotion
12.05     Cyberchump, "Learning to Breathe," Their Moment of Perfect Happiness
16.39     A Signal in the Static, "Lost Transmissions," Transmissions from Yesterday
20.51     Undo, "Into the Light II," Deux
24.52     Slow Dancing Society, Never Ending," The Slow & Steady Winter
32.43     Igneous Flame, "Flux," Lyra
38.17     Pearson Constantino, "Wyoming," Re@
43.26     Ministry of Inside Things, "Voyage for Synth & Guitar," Everlasting Moment
59.20     Computerchemist, "Darklight Drivem" Landform
1.11.49  Erik Wollo, "Track 5," Silent Currents Disc 1
1.16.43  Dave Preston, "A Giant Leap of Faith," Soundtrack for Motion
1.23.00  Matt Borghi, "Mission Point," Olagra
1.27.07  Petal, "We Never Spoke of the Plans We Never Made," The Last Season

Underlay: Patrick Smith, "Girl on a Pink Blanket," Scattered Hearts

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hypnagogue Podcast 73

An uninterrupted flow this time, and a dark one. Not the threatening, grab-you-by-the-throat kind of dark ambient (well, mostly not) but definitely with just enough lurking in the shadows to make you wonder if you're actually alone. Did you lock the door?

Episode 73

             Sky Burial, "Refractions from the Rift," Threnody for Collapsing Suns
12.46     Har, Into the Maelstrom Vol 1:The Tower by Night (excerpt)
27.26     Dolmen, "Storm of Earth," Ritual Awakening
34.56     Joe Renzetti, "Decension to Nothing," Thanatos
44.10     Tholen, "Cryogenic Ceremonies," Neuropol
52.58     Wolfskin/Last Industrial Estate, "Arrival," Stonegates of Silence
58.56     Pang, "The Watcher," Garden of Menace
1.04.12  Ran Kirlian, "Pandemonium," Selected Works Vol 1
1.10.24  Yen Pox, "Purgatorio," Blood Music
1.19.15   Dwight Ashely, "Examined by Tweezers," Discrete Carbon

Underlay: Aaron Marshall, "Alternate Universe," Noir Ambient

Friday, January 13, 2012

Hypnagogue Podcast 72

First podcast of the year and it's filled with new-ish music. Which is to say, music from discs sitting in my review queue. I'd say 2012 is off to a good start.

Podcast 72

             Jeff Pearce, "Newfallen," Provision Series
4.36      Igneous Flame, "Electrolyte," Lyra
14.28    Christopher Alvarado, "Fire Above the Desert Mesa," Translucence
19.14    Radio Free Clear Light, "We Were Alive Then," Joyful Noise Vol 1: Tamoanchan
27.34    Brian Parnham, "Race to the Source," See None, Hear None, Speak None
32.38    Hollan Holmes, "Zero Point Energy," The Farthest Fringes
39.58    Austere, "Roseate," Euterpe
50.30    Symatic Star, "Voyage to the Heliosphere" (excerpt), The Distance
1.04.22 The Nothing Machine, "NTMRv1" (excerpt), The Nothing Machine
1.15.59 Broken Harbour, "The Ballad of Dave Bowman, Pt 2," Gramophone Transmissons
1.23.18 Collective Acoustics, "Renaissance Fair, 2153," Art in the Age of Progress

Underlay: Ann Licater, "Earth to Sky," Doorway to a Dream