Friday, February 10, 2012

Hypnagogue Podcast 74

This time around we celebrate the guitar, in its many forms.

Episode 74, "The Guitar. The Guitar."
              Sleeping Me, "Tired Hearts," Cradlesongs
5.36       Canartic, "Spring Reverb," Modulotion
12.05     Cyberchump, "Learning to Breathe," Their Moment of Perfect Happiness
16.39     A Signal in the Static, "Lost Transmissions," Transmissions from Yesterday
20.51     Undo, "Into the Light II," Deux
24.52     Slow Dancing Society, Never Ending," The Slow & Steady Winter
32.43     Igneous Flame, "Flux," Lyra
38.17     Pearson Constantino, "Wyoming," Re@
43.26     Ministry of Inside Things, "Voyage for Synth & Guitar," Everlasting Moment
59.20     Computerchemist, "Darklight Drivem" Landform
1.11.49  Erik Wollo, "Track 5," Silent Currents Disc 1
1.16.43  Dave Preston, "A Giant Leap of Faith," Soundtrack for Motion
1.23.00  Matt Borghi, "Mission Point," Olagra
1.27.07  Petal, "We Never Spoke of the Plans We Never Made," The Last Season

Underlay: Patrick Smith, "Girl on a Pink Blanket," Scattered Hearts

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