Friday, March 9, 2012

Hypnagogue Podcast 76

Into the review queue we go this time, digging around for relatively new music. A couple of my favorite artists make an appearance, and several new pleasant surprises take their turn as well. The first set is about 35 minutes, taking off under Berlin-school power and finding its way into beatless spaces. The second set opens with a prog-influenced track and glides down into contemplative quiet. Enjoy.

Episode 76

              Phillip Wilkerson, "Seven Degrees North of Castor," The Stars and Afterward
5.23        Dan Pound, "Emerge," Cocoon
12.44      Integral, "Synthie Raga," The Past Is My Shadow
21.19      Paulina Cassidy, "Tea with the Dream Ghost," Time Traveler
25.44      Numina, "Cold Shine," Dawn of Obscurity
39.28      Echo Us, "Archaeous of Water Vol 1: The Light It Moves," Tomorrow Will Tell the Story
43.56      Astralfish, "Seeds at Night in a Trickster's Yard," Far Corners
47.10      Radium 88, "A Short Ride in a Broken Machine," Escaping Tomorrow
51.41      Loscil, "Cheekeye," Only Light to Clear Away (comp)
59.10      Peter James, "Sometimes We Forget," Memento
1.06.47   Palancar, "Breaking of the Shell," The Tender Hand of the Unseen
1.17.16   Prageudren, "Bromeliad," Serfs of the Plant Kingdom
1.20.36   Thought Guild, "Celestial Glossalalia," Third Voyage

Underlay: Giles Reaves, "Aurora," Sea of Glass

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