Friday, March 23, 2012

Hypnagogue Podcast 77

Set the Wayback machine...we're paying tribute to old-school analog synth music. Got your passport to Berlin?

Episode 77
            Brian Vassalo, Part 6, Memoirs of a Lifetime
5.05     Chuck van Zyl, "Stories in Stone," Memory Space
18.41    Synth.NL, "Docking," Apollo
25.30    Gert Emmens, "Empathy," Metamorphosis
32.28    Orbital Decay, "Terminal Velocity," Solar Maxima
50.04    Jeffrey Koepper, "Near Machinery," Sequentaria
59.00    Janne Hahnhisuanto, Part 5, Circles in 3D
1.02.32 Hollan Holmes, "The Sentinel," The Farthest Fringes
1.08.02 Paul Ellis, "The Click & Chime of Passing Time," From Out of the Vast Comes Nearness
1.20.32 Steve Roach, "Growth Sequence," Now

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Karl Ammerman said...

This is one of the best podcasts you've done John, in my opinion. I love the selection of Berlin School electronica. More please! :)

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