Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hypnagogue Podcast 82

This time around we start with a few new tracks, then mix in cool flows from the past. (Not too far back, but just far enough.)

           Craig Padilla, "Midnight Encounter," The Heart of the Soul
13.23   Within Reason, "Bodhi," Subtle Shift
21.58   AETopus, "Star Navigator," Between Empires
27.32   East Forest, "You Are What You Are," Music Meditations
36.15   Herion, "Risvegli," Out & About
39.13   Wes Willienbring, "Scene Missing," Weapons Reference Manual
46.18   The Post Riot Era, "Everyone Dies In the End," Quiet Exit
55.10    Darshan Ambient, "A Letter From Home," Dream in Blue
1.02.29 Synthesist, "Tibetan Bells," Light
1.08.24 Max Corbacho, "Mandala," Lost Links
1.20.13 Stephen Phillips & James Johnson, Lost At Dunn's Lake (excerpt)

Underlay: Slow Dancing Society, "Laura's Dream," Under the Sodium Lights

Friday, May 18, 2012

Hypnagogue Podcast 81

This episode is sort of a "shuffle" episode, but with a twist. I started my ambient playlist, set to shuffle, running the day after the last episode launched. Over the next 12 days I picked one point during the day to come into my office to check out what piece was playing. That piece became the next one in the flow. So here are 12 once-a-day selections for your enjoyment. I think it came out pretty good!

Episode 81

          Altus, "Floating Free," Coma Cluster
12.41  Brannan Lane & Tom Larson, "Nocturnal Vigil (Part 2)," Tribal Spirit
15.31  Tim White & Joe Paulino, "Inhale Slowly," Inhale Slowly
25.41  Igneous Flame, "Mountain Breath," Electra 
28.51  SE, "Dendrit," L36 
34.06  Wharmton Rise, "The Augur Revisited," Deep Water
40.45  Amri Baghiri, "Drifting," Orbital Repose
50.23  Somnarium, "The Cape," Frost
1.00.58  Crystal Dreams, "Flood (Disturbed Earth Mix)," Conception
1.11.11  C.Db.Sn, "Airport (Never Land)," At the End of It All
1.14.26  Dave Preston, "Be Different," Be
1.19.07  Michael Sadler, "Congruence," Ansatz

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hypnagogue Podcast 80

A subtle flow that came together over several nights in the Hypnagogue studio, mixing sounds by monitor light. This one stays mostly on the quiet side, with little bits of beats to catch your attention. A nice blend of new and old.

           Boy is Fiction, "Tomorrow, Not Today," Boy Is Fiction
6.20     Radio Free Clear Light, "Things That Didn't Have Names," Isula
11.14    Patrick Balthrop, "Inside of Me," Autopoetic
14.46    Alio Die, "Layers of Faith," Deconsecrated and Pure
30.21    Lorne David Thomson, "Swimming in the Rain," The Warm Portrait
40.57    Silentaria, "Farewell," The Beginning of the End
46.14    Silvercord, "Movement I: Within My Heart's Slumbering Soul," Symphony of Sighs
57.51    Arrocata, "Wandering Windows," In the Distance
1.08.37 Larry Kucharz, "1993 No. 4," Ambient Red Washes
1.18.17 Jack Hertz, "Yesterday," Time

Underlay: Bruno Sanfilippo and Mathias Grassow, Cromo (Track 5)