Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hypnagogue Podcast 80

A subtle flow that came together over several nights in the Hypnagogue studio, mixing sounds by monitor light. This one stays mostly on the quiet side, with little bits of beats to catch your attention. A nice blend of new and old.

           Boy is Fiction, "Tomorrow, Not Today," Boy Is Fiction
6.20     Radio Free Clear Light, "Things That Didn't Have Names," Isula
11.14    Patrick Balthrop, "Inside of Me," Autopoetic
14.46    Alio Die, "Layers of Faith," Deconsecrated and Pure
30.21    Lorne David Thomson, "Swimming in the Rain," The Warm Portrait
40.57    Silentaria, "Farewell," The Beginning of the End
46.14    Silvercord, "Movement I: Within My Heart's Slumbering Soul," Symphony of Sighs
57.51    Arrocata, "Wandering Windows," In the Distance
1.08.37 Larry Kucharz, "1993 No. 4," Ambient Red Washes
1.18.17 Jack Hertz, "Yesterday," Time

Underlay: Bruno Sanfilippo and Mathias Grassow, Cromo (Track 5)

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