Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hypnagogue Podcast 84

This flow starts out in something of a New Age space, then winds its way down into shadowy, virtually beat-free vistas. Don't worry...I promise to pull you back up eventually.

Episode 84

           Sparky Quano, "Gaijirou," Jenga
3.59     Mark Bruland, "Alexander's Grove," BEEHuman
7.19     Martyrs of Sound, "Om Shanti," Radhe's Dream
11.48    Phil Herschel, "Epic Journey," Get Ready
19.45    Keef Baker, "Cranesong," Emerging Organisms Vol 4 (comp)
25.24    Shane Morris & Mystified, "Jurassic Dawn," Epoch
39.51    Peter James, "Separation," Landfall
56.40    Oophoi & Paul Vnuk Jr., "West Field: Awua," Dreamfields
1.06.14 Onewayness, "Kill All Voices," Blue Star Is Freezing
1.24.02 Aaron Marshall, "Prelude," Noir Ambient

Underlay: Chad Hoefler, "Radiant Blue," Quiet Glow

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